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Export CAD model captures to 2D-PDF

3DViewStation is a robust 3D CAD model visualization tool, packed with features to streamline design project management. Beyond viewing and capturing PMI snapshots, users can craft their own perspectives to set up project reviews. Each saved view encompasses the model's position, geometry selection, visibility status, annotations, sectional views, and more. With 3DViewStation, previews of these views are showcased in a navigation pane, enhancing their selection and subsequent usage. Furthermore, a unique feature allows each view's individual export as an image or a PDF file.

The Power of PDF Exports

In today's digital world, the PDF format stands as a universal standard, easily accessible on most computers and mobile devices, eliminating the need for pricey CAD software. This makes it an optimal choice for disseminating design data and insights with colleagues, clients, or external collaborators. By employing the PDF format for CAD view exports, users can seamlessly relay design details to other stakeholders, bypassing the necessity to grant access to weighty CAD software or bulky files, which might pose download and view challenges. Additionally, the PDF format acts as a shield, restricting unauthorized edits or copies, ensuring company data remains secure.

Enhanced Export Features

Latest releases of 3DViewStation also introduce the convenience of exporting all views into a singular PDF document, ideal for crafting comprehensive reports. This feature stands out especially for project reviews, presentations, or progress reports, as it amalgamates all relevant views into one easily shareable document for team members.

To sum it up, 3DViewStation emerges as a potent and user-friendly tool for the visualization, analysis, and export of 3D CAD models. Its PDF view export function facilitates the creation of polished summary documents apt for project reviews and presentations.