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Searching for a Robust 3D Visualization Tool? Consider 3DViewStation WebViewer

If you're seeking a powerful 3D visualization solution for your CPQ system or online product configurator, 3DViewStation WebViewer might be your answer. With its advanced features and ease of use, it optimizes your configuration process and delivers an exceptional user experience.

So, what's a CPQ (Configure Price Quote) solution? In short, it's a software tool that enables precise and swift configuration of complex products. This is achieved through configuration rules, templates, and product catalogs. Furthermore, CPQ streamlines product configuration, pricing, and quotation. This automation allows users to craft custom products, see their instant pricing, and generate consistent, accurate quotes.

But that's not all. CPQs are indispensable for businesses offering customizable products. Think high-tech equipment, industrial machines, electronics, supply chain management solutions, software, professional services, and medical devices. Moreover, CPQ solutions minimize configuration errors, enhance customer satisfaction, and trim delivery times. The result? More sales from tailored product offerings.

For those who've implemented an online product configurator or are developing a CPQ, a reliable visualization tool is crucial. And that's where 3DViewStation WebViewer comes in. Tailored for CPQ users and online product configurators, it offers precise, real-time visualization of products and their geometries.

Here's what makes 3DViewStation WebViewer stand out:

  1. Experience real-time 3D visualization, giving a clear picture of your product configurations and showcasing various options.
  2. It's user-friendly, facilitating quicker and efficient work.
  3. The tool can swiftly read and set up complex assemblies - think complete trucks with heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. Impressively, 3DViewStation clinched the "Digital Innovation of the Year" award with DAF (Paccar Group).

But what problems does it solve?

  • Visualization is lightning fast; configuration changes appear in a second, whether used on-site or in the cloud.
  • Geometries are loaded, positioned, and scaled dynamically in real time.
  • Generate real-time material renderings and environmental sky boxes.
  • Produce full products in seconds within a simple browser.
  • Offer 2D layouts automatically generated from the 3D configured model.

Moreover, 3DViewStation prioritizes protecting your intellectual property:

  • No 3D objects are transmitted from the server to the client's browser during 3D model rendering, preventing easy capture.
  • It can block the cutting of some or all of the 3D model.
  • Non-visible external parts are automatically removed.
  • In situations requiring BREP data transmission, 3DViewStation can obscure geometries without detection, making them irreproducible.

In conclusion, 3DViewStation 3DViewStation 3DViewStation 3DViewStation is an ultra-efficient 3D visualization solution, addressing many online product configuration challenges. Boasting rapid visualization, the ability to create full products quickly, advanced IP protection features, and ensuring data security and corporate confidentiality, it’s an exceptional choice. Whether you're crafting an online product configurator or need a top-notch 3D visualization tool, 3DViewStation WebViewer should be on your radar.