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Efficient Communication in Modern Industry: A Deep Dive into 3DViewStation & CAD Exchanger

In today's industry, swift and effective communication of design information is vital. Kisters' 3DViewStation range and the CAD Exchanger software suite emerge as leading solutions in this sphere. Here's an insightful look into these tools.

The 3DViewStation Range by Kisters

The 3DViewStation range by Kisters offers a seamless way to access and analyze CAD files. Consisting of four main products, it ensures native reading of market-leading CAD formats such as CATIA, NX, and Creo. Moreover, users can export to popular neutral formats like STEP, Parasolid, JT, or STL. It boasts features like swift 3D model reading, visualization tools, measurement, annotation, analysis, model comparison, and geometric simplification.

Diverse Products for Different Needs:

  • 3DViewStation DesktopA standalone visualization solution, this product allows users to open or read 2D and 3D CAD files without requiring a full CAD system. An additional component, 3DViewStation ActiveX, is designed for client environment integration.

  • 3DViewStation VR Edition: This virtual reality visualization solution is compatible with all STEAM VR headsets, like HTC Vive and Lenovo Explorer. Users can virtually navigate around the 3D model, change orientations, and zoom in for a closer look.

  • 3DViewStation WebViewer: Allows remote access to CAD models and real-time collaboration without any client-side installation. Its companion component, VisShare, manages access rights for shared data.

  • 3DViewStation Automation Server: Automates CAD model conversion tasks. It offers data simplification and protection capabilities. Users can convert CAD models into various formats without manually opening them.

The Benefits of 3DViewStation for CAD Data Analysis:

The 3DViewStation range stands out as a universal CAD visualization solution. It finds applications in diverse areas like marketing, digital mock-up, collaborative design, and many others. The range's ease of use is a notable advantage; no training is required, saving users time and energy. Additionally, the quick access to 3D models, even bulky ones, ensures efficient work on portable devices. Essential features such as measurement tools, sectional views, and advanced functionalities for 3D model analysis are highly beneficial. Lastly, the range provides customization and integration flexibility with comprehensive APIs.

A Glimpse into the CAD Exchanger Software Suite

CAD Exchanger has established itself as one of the most trusted solutions for addressing fundamental challenges for many industries related to CAD data visualization and interoperability. Let's explore the suite:

Diverse Tools for Varied Tasks:

  • CAD Exchanger Lab: This desktop tool facilitates visualization, exploration, and conversion of 3D CAD data across 30+ file formats. Designed for intuitive use, it offers a user-friendly interface.

  • CAD Exchanger SDK: This library caters to developers. It allows integration of CAD Exchanger functionalities into applications developed in C#, C++, Java, JavaScript, and Python. Whether you're building a desktop application or a SaaS, this SDK provides the necessary flexibility.

  • CAD Exchanger Batch: A command-line tool optimized for batch conversions. It's an efficient solution for mass CAD file conversions, especially for businesses or cloud environments.

Advantages of CAD Exchanger for CAD Model Visualization:

CAD Exchanger stands out for its unparalleled quality in CAD reading and conversion. Sophisticated algorithms rectify low-quality data, and the patented parallel computing technology ensures optimal performance. Both end-users and developers benefit from its clear interface and structured API. Moreover, its flexible licensing and competitive pricing make it a valuable investment. Esteemed companies like Airbus, Apple, Siemens, and Volvo trust CAD Exchanger for their CAD data needs.

Both the 3DViewStation range by Kisters and the CAD Exchanger software suite emerge as powerful and versatile CAD visualization solutions. They offer a plethora of functionalities for viewing, analyzing, and comparing 3D models. Given their ease of use, swift data access, and customization options, they are undoubtedly the top picks for industry professionals.



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