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Intellectual Properties Protection with Proficiency

In the world of Computer-Aided Design (CAD), safeguarding data and intellectual property is paramount, especially in CAD data collaboration processes. A standout solution for addressing this concern is Proficiency. Proficiency is a CAD model conversion solution that comes with construction history. It enables a complete transfer of design intent across major CAD platforms. This solution encompasses geometry and its attributes, parametric features, and construction history, along with sketches, sketch constraints, PMI manufacturing information, metadata, assembly structure, assembly constraints, and associated layouts. With its 95% automation, Proficiency delivers a usable and compliant model swiftly and efficiently.

Intellectual Property Protection with Proficiency

Beyond its efficacy in parametric conversion of CAD models, Proficiency stands out for its ability to automatically secure CAD data's intellectual property throughout the conversion process. Indeed, Proficiency includes control over the level of design information sharing during the import or export process. Thus, the intellectual property of the model is safeguarded. Predefined configurations provide various levels of control and gradation of design information, like construction history, parametric features, or formulas 1.

During parametric conversion, a Proficiency setting allows users to select the features for parametric conversion and those to be protected. The latter will be automatically converted without history. Likewise, sensitive information such as sketches, constraints, or formulas and expressions can be excluded from the conversion.

As we've explored, Proficiency is not just another CAD model conversion tool. It's a robust solution designed to meet today's challenges in CAD data management and intellectual property protection. With features like controlled parametric conversion and varying levels of information gradation, it fulfills the complex needs of CAD data exchange. This makes Proficiency an apt choice, demonstrating CAD Interop's expertise in selecting solutions that truly address the demands of modern CAD data collaboration