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The CADfix VIZ conversion and simplification solution optimizes the processes to prepare 3D data from CAD systems for easy reuse in Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR) applications. Operation is simplified, saving engineers valuable time.

Large or complex CAD assemblies can be automatically converted into a light triangular mesh and adapted to the visualization need. Thanks to powerful simplification tools and intelligent decimation algorithms, file sizes are reduced and the number of triangles reduced for performance-free integration into visualization systems.

Lightweight Mesh Models Production 

CADfix VIZ quickly removes small parts, holes or protrusions and any unnecessary internal details from the original CAD model, reducing the geometry to a sufficient number of triangles to represent the model in VR / AR / MR systems . CADfix Viz's decimation process further reduces mesh and file size based on user-defined tolerance thresholds.

CADfix VIZ Main Features

  • Import main CAD and mesh formats
  • Generate Mesh with several levels of simplification
  • Suppress unnecessary small items and invisible internal parts
  • Remove unnecessary CAD model features such as holes, logos and text ...
  • Decimation of dense meshes
  • Transform to Wrap complex parts (Box, Convex Hull & Shrinkwrap)
  • Optimize assembly structures
  • Export to main mesh formats


CADfix VIZ CAD to Mesh with different level of simplification

Interactive and Automatic Processes Controlled 

CADfix VIZ's intuitive user interface enables interactive and automatic model processing. A command line option allows CADfix VIZ to be integrated into complex automatic workflows to further streamline the CAD to mesh translation for VR / AR / MR applications.

By using CADfix VIZ, developers of VR / AR / MR applications, or users with no CAD design experience, can quickly and easily generate files that are lighter and more usable.

CAD to Mesh Imports and Exports in CADfix VIZ

CADfix VIZ supports reading and writing of a wide range of neutral and native CAD and mesh formats.

CADfix VIZ offers full support for attributes associated with the model, such as color, layers, labels or transparency, as well as assembly structures. When supported, these properties will be translated in VR / AR / MR systems.

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