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SimLab is far more than just a 3D content and virtual reality creation tool. It's a comprehensive platform that elevates the scope of visualization, simulation, animation, and especially collaboration. With its supplementary module to SimLab Composer or SimLab Studio, SimLab VR Collaboration, virtual reality evolves into a shared space where multiple users can convene for real-time immersive experiences. In a world where remote work and online collaboration are increasingly the norm, understanding the benefits and capabilities of tools like SimLab is essential. Curious about how SimLab can revolutionize your virtual reality interactions? Stick around for a complete overview.

What Sets SimLab VR Collaboration Apart?

Why choose SimLab VR Collaboration? This tool distinguishes itself with several key features.

  • Intuitive Solution: User-friendly interface.
  • Collaborative Platform: Transform any VR experience into a collaboration session.
  • Extended Compatibility: Support for various VR headsets, both computer-based and standalone.
  • Online Access: Join the same VR session from anywhere.
  • Cross-Platform: Freedom to choose hardware, removing all limitations.
  • Versatility in Usage: Suitable for training, marketing, project reviews, and more.
  • Customizable: Create your own virtual reality scenes.
  • Interactive: Fully interactive experiences.
  • Avatars: Option to personalize avatars.
  • Voice Chat: Smooth communication through integrated voice chat.
  • Extended Compatibility: Available on iOS, Android, and various VR headsets.


SimLab VR Collaboration is affordable and accessible, offering various pricing plans to meet diverse needs.

  • VR Collaboration FREE: Free for up to 3 users per session.
  • VR Collaboration BUSINESS: $79/month, billed annually for up to 10 users per session.
  • VR Collaboration ENTERPRISE: $149/month, billed annually for up to 30 users per session.
  • VR Collaboration EDUCATION: Special pricing for educational institutions.

* Maximum VR Collaboration session length is 240 minutes.
* Only the host needs to pay while using Pro, Business, and Enterprise editions.
* Unlimited monthly usage.

Training and Resources

To master SimLab, a variety of resources are at your disposal.

In summary, SimLab VR Collaboration offers a range of features to maximize teamwork in virtual reality. With affordable pricing, varied educational resources, and high versatility, it is an essential tool for any business looking to innovate. With CAD Interop, you get access to tried-and-true solutions to meet the challenges of virtual collaboration. Try SimLab today and join the community to share your experiences.

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3D Import

  • 3D PDF *.pdf (u3d based)
  • 3DS MAX *.3ds
  • CATIA *.3dxml
  • Collada *.dae
  • CTM *.ctm
  • DWF *.dwf *dwfx
  • DWG (2021)*.dwg *dxf
  • FBX (2023)*.fbx
  • GLTF *.gltf *.glb
  • IFC *.ifc
  • IGES *.igs *.iges
  • INVENTOR *.iam *.ipt
  • LightWave*.lwo, *.lw
  • OSG *.osg
  • PRC *.prc
  • RHINO 3D *.3dm
  • SIMLAB COMPOSER *.sim *.zim
  • SIMLAB VR VIEWER *.vrpackage
  • SKETCHUP *.skp
  • SOLIDWORKS*.sldasm *.sldprt
  • STEP *.stp *.step
  • STL *.stl
  • U3D *.u3d
  • USDZ *.usdz
  • Point Cloud *.xyz, *.pcd, *.e57, *.las, *.laz
  • ZBRUSH *.goz


  • ACIS *.sat
  • Creo *.prt *.asm
  • NX *.prt
  • PARASOLID *.x_b *.x_t *.xmt_bin *xmt_txt
  • SOLIDEDGE *.asm *.par *.psm


  • JT *.jt
  • SAP 3D Visual *.vds
  • Adams *.res


3D Export

  • 3D PDF *.pdf (u3d/prc)
  • 3DS MAX *.3ds
  • 3MF *.3mf
  • Collada *.dae
  • CTM *.ctm
  • DIRECT X *.x
  • DWF *.dwf *dwfx
  • DWG *.dwg *dxf
  • FBX *.fbx  
  • GLTF *.gltf *.glb  
  • IVE *.ive
  • OSG *.osg *.osgb
  • PRC *.prc
  • SIMLAB COMPOSER *.sim *.zim *.xml  
  • SIMLAB VR VIEWER *.vrpackage
  • SKETCHUP (2022) *.skp
  • STL *.stl
  • U3D *.u3d
  • USDZ *.usdz  
  • WEBGL/HTML5 *.htm


  • JT *.jt



  • Import/Export 3D format
  • Cloud Sharing
  • Export presentation to 3D PDF
  • CAD plugins
  • Stand-Alone 3D/CAD/VR Conversion Tool (CADVRter)
  • VR Collaboration


  • Scene
  • Animation
  • Simulation
  • Learning Management system (Studio)


  • high quality renders
  • immersive 360 image
  • Baked Lighting (Lightmap)

Virtual Reality

  • VR Creation
  • VR Training (studio)
  • VR Quizzes (studio)
  • VR Survey (studio)
  • VR Catalog


  • Visual Scripting
  • Code Scripting



  • Free/Demo
  • Floating
  • Permanent
  • Subscrption


  • Composer : Free/Pro/Mecanichal/Ultimate
  • VR Studio : Free/Pro
  • Plugins
    • 3dsMax
    • Alibre
    • AutoCAD
    • Creo
    • Fusion
    • Inventor
    • Maya
    • Modo
    • Navisworks
    • Onshape
    • Revit
    • Rhino
    • SolidEdge
    • SketchUp
    • SolidWorks
    • Spirit
    • Zbrush
    • RhinoPlugin
    • ZW3D
  • CADVRter
  • Free VR Viewer
    • PC/Steam VR : Windows/MacOS
    • Smartphone : Android/iOS
    • Standalone : Oculus Quest/Go, Pico
  • VR Collaboration


  • Windows 64
  • macOS