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Geometric reasoning

In the realm of engineering simulations, the preparation of CAD models is a critical step that determines the accuracy and efficiency of the simulation process. CADfix, a powerful tool in this domain, comes to the forefront with its innovative Geometric Reasoning technology, transforming mid surfaces of solids into skeletal representations packed with comprehensive information.

Understanding Geometric Reasoning

The "Geometric Reasoning" technology is a process that derives a mid surface of a solid object and converts it into a skeletal representation, providing a wealth of information for a myriad of applications. Many engineering scenarios require more comprehensive geometric information than what is typically provided by a CAD file or a CAD interface. The Geometric Reasoning technology addresses this need by creating a medial object that encapsulates a vast amount of information.

Medial Object Creation

The medial object is constructed by tracing a disc within a face or a sphere within a volume of the original object. The position of the center of the disc or sphere with the maximum diameter constitutes the medial object. Furthermore, the medial object also includes radius information for each position, making it a complete representation of the original object.

Applications of Geometric Reasoning

The applications of Geometric Reasoning technology are diverse, and its continuous development by ITI TranscenData has allowed its selective deployment for controlled client applications. Some of the typical applications include:

  • Mid surface calculation
  • Finite element mesh subdivision
  • Defining toolpath for machine tools
  • Function recognition
  • Automated function removal
  • Converting a solid model into a surface model
  • Additional applications developed in collaboration with our clients

CADfix plays a crucial role in enabling the effective application of Geometric Reasoning technology, providing an indispensable tool for engineers seeking to optimize their simulation processes.

The value of CADfix in preparing CAD models for simulation processes cannot be understated. By leveraging the Geometric Reasoning technology, engineers can gain access to comprehensive geometric information, enabling more accurate and efficient simulations. The continuous development of this technology by ITI TranscenData ensures its adaptability and effectiveness for a wide range of applications, making CADfix an invaluable tool for engineering professionals.