Geometric reasoning

Geometric Reasoning

Geometric Reasoning is accomplished based on the medial object of a solid which is a skeletal representation providing a comprehensive source of information for a variety of applications. Many engineering scenarios require more extensive geometric information than can currently be provided by typical CAD or Product Data Interoperability software products and this is the goal of Geometric Reasoning technology.

The medial object is constructed by rolling a disc around inside a face, or a sphere inside a volume. The locus of the center of the maximal diameter disc/sphere forms the medial object. The medial object also carries radius information, and is thus a complete representation of the original object.

Typical applications of CADfix Geometric Reasoning using embedded Medial Object Technology include:

  • Mid surface computation
  • Finite element meshing subdivision
  • Machine tool cutter path definition
  • Feature recognition
  • Automatic model defeaturing
  • Shelling a volume model
  • New applications still to be determined with customers

ITI TranscenData's Geometric Reasoning technology is currently in development for selective deployment within controlled and limited customer applications.