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Pro-Engineer, also known as Creo, is a popular CAD system developed by PTC (Parametric Technology Corp.). It is widely used by engineers, designers and manufacturers in various industries including aerospace, automotive, consumer products and industrial machinery. One of Pro-Engineer's key features is its CAD interoperability capability, which allows users to work with a wide range of file formats and collaborate seamlessly with other CAD systems.

Pro-Engineer supports both native and neutral file formats, making it easy to import and export data from other CAD systems. Some of the supported native file formats include MEDUSA, Rhino, Inventor. This means that users can open and edit files created in other CAD systems without having to convert them to a different file format, which can save time and reduce the risk of errors.

In addition to supporting native file formats, Pro-Engineer also supports neutral file formats such as STEP and IGES. These file formats are widely used in the CAD industry for interoperability and data exchange between different CAD systems. By supporting these file formats, Pro-Engineer allows users to collaborate with other CAD systems and share data seamlessly.

Another key feature of Pro-Engineer's interoperability capabilities is its ability to work with ECAD data. ECAD (Electronic Computer-Aided Design) is a specialized type of CAD used to design electronic circuits and systems. Pro-Engineer can import ECAD data as IDF (Intermediate Data Format) and IDX (Interchange Design eXchange) files. This allows the integration of mechanical and electronic design data, which is essential for the design of complex aeronautical or automotive products.

In summary, Pro-Engineer is a CAD system developed by PTC (Parametric Technology Corp.). Successive versions are Pro-Engineer, Wildfire and Creo. Pro-Engineer supported native or neutral formats are STL, IGES, DXF, DWG, STEP, MEDUSA, Parasolid, ECAD, Rhino, Inventor, ACIS, VDA, ICEM. Pro-Engineer file extensions are :
.prt (Part)
.asm (Assembly)
.drw (Drawing)
.frm (drawing format file)
.mfg (manufacturing)
.lay (layouts)
.sec (sketch)
.dgm (diagram)
.rep (report)
.mrk (markup)
.cem (schema)
.int (geometry interface previous R13)
.g (granite interface)
.neu (neutral interface)
.ol, .ed, .edz, .pvs, .pvz (Creo View)

CAD Interop distributes several Softwares to view, translate and validate Pro-Engineer or Creo files. Find below the list of our solutions compatible with Pro-Engineer or Creo:


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