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Drill Holes measurement in 3DViewStation

3DViewStation offers a handy feature to automatically measure drill holes, even on tessellated geometries. This capability, known as the "Drill Hole" function, makes it easy to determine key parameters of every hole, such as its diameter, depth, or the angle at the base of the drill.

Overview of 3DViewStation's Measurement Tools

3DViewStation boasts a wide range of measurement tools for 3D model visualization. Users can measure distances, angles, surfaces, and volumes with accuracy and ease. Furthermore, 3DViewStation supports a broad spectrum of 3D file formats, including CATIA, NX, SolidWorks, Creo, STEP, IGES, and many more. This ensures that users can view and measure 3D models from various sources without the need for file conversion or in-depth knowledge about the software used for product design.

The "Drill Hole" Function Explained

The "Drill Hole" function stands out as an automatic drill hole recognition feature within 3DViewStation. Interestingly, there's no need for parametric functions or exact geometry for 3DViewStation to identify these holes. It allows for the swift and easy measurement of hole parameters on all geometries, tessellated ones included.

Using the Feature

Employing this feature is a breeze. Simply select the "Drill Hole" function from the toolbar, and 3DViewStation will automatically identify all the drill holes, displaying all associated measurements, as demonstrated in the screenshot above. Displayed measurements include the diameter, depth of the hole, and the angle at the base of the drill, where applicable. Additionally, the results are also presented in a table format, streamlining data extraction and collection.

Benefits of the Drill Hole Function

This function is a significant time-saver. Moreover, it enables users with no expertise in the design software that created the source model to extract the necessary information effortlessly.

In summary, 3DViewStation's "Drill Hole" function revolutionizes the way users measure and analyze drill holes in 3D models. Whether dealing with standard or tessellated geometries, the software ensures accurate measurements and a streamlined user experience. With such innovative features, 3DViewStation continues to set the standard for 3D visualization tools, making it an indispensable asset for professionals across various industries.