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Modo is a 3D modeling, texturing, and rendering software widely used in the design, gaming, and film industries. It was first developed by Luxology LLC in 2004 and later acquired by Foundry in 2012. Modo's intuitive interface and powerful toolset make it a popular choice for creating complex 3D models and impressive visual effects.

Modo supports a variety of file formats for import and export, including OBJ, FBX, COLLADA, and Alembic. It also has its own proprietary file format, .lxo, which can store all aspects of a 3D model, including geometry, textures, materials, and animations. The .lxo format is useful for saving work-in-progress files as it preserves all settings and adjustments made to the model.

Modo's supported file extensions include:

  • LWO - LightWave 3D Object File
  • LXO - Luxology modo 3D Image
  • LXE - Luxology Modo Environment Preset
  • LXL - Luxology Modo Single-layer Mesh Presets

In addition to its file format support, Modo also has strong interoperability capabilities with other CAD software. For example, Modo can import and export CAD files in STEP, IGES, and SAT formats. This makes it possible to work on a 3D model in Modo and then export it to CAD software for further refinement or manufacturing.

The file formats supported by Modo for import or export include:

LightWave Object *.lwo
Alembic Format *.abc
Autodesk DXF *.dxf
Adobe Illustrator EPS *.eps *.ai
Protein Database *.pdb
Scalable Vector Graphics *.svg
McNeel Rhino 3DM *.3dm
Pixar Universal Scene Description USD *.usd *.usda *.usdc *.usdz
Autodesk FBX *.fbx
Sterolithography STL *.stl
VideoScape GEO *.geo
SolidWorks Model *.sldprt *.stdasm
Wavefront OBJ *.obj
X-Rite AxF *.axf


Modo also has integration with SolidWorks through a plugin called Power SubD-NURBS. This plugin allows Modo to convert subdivision surface (SubD) models into non-uniform rational basis spline (NURBS) surface models, which can be used in SolidWorks for engineering and manufacturing. This integration helps bridge the gap between design and manufacturing stages and facilitates the creation of precise and manufacturable 3D models.

CAD Interop distributes several software solutions to prepare, convert, and visualize Modo data. See below for a list of our solutions compatible with Modo :