CAD model Draft Angle Analysis with 3DViewStation

Draft Angle analysis and Projected surface

With 3DViewStation, it never have been so simple to analyze a model. The following video presents two useful functionnalities to display draft angle and measure projected area. You can use it on any supported CAD model (Catia V5, Pro-Engineer Creo, NX, SolidWorks and others ...).

Draft Angle Analysis tool will display the geometry with a panel of colors according to angles. You can change plan base by clicking a face. When moving the arrow on the face, the angle is shown. You can use reverse colors or use default X Y and Z alignment if needed. This information can be useful to prevent undercut before manufacturing using plastic injection.

Project Area will display and compute the projected area on a plan. You can compute the surface aera in the 3 main direction by clicking on X Y and Z.