CAD Data Quality Testing

Identify quality defects in the design model that impede downstream use of the model. Verify that any derived forms of the design model (IGES, STEP, CAD translations...) are equivalent in quality and shape to the master model. When using STEP, add validation properties to the STEP model which can be used by the recipient to validate that a translated (imported STEP) CAD model is equivalent to the master model.

The following PDF example have been generated automatically with CADIQ to qualify a model. The CADIQ configuration have been set to document tooling defects. User can browse on these 3 defect types detected on this model (High-Curvature Surface, Narrow Step, and Thin Solid Volume) and select an item to zoom in on each one. Set transparent Highlighting to ON for easier view.

This PDF template is fully customizable. You can change logo, add intellectual properties or add/remove buttons, 3D Windows and fields. Please make sure to get Adobe Reader X or above and to enable javascript after opening 3D PDF file