3DViewStation solutions are integrated in a large number of PDM / PLM / ERP / DMS / CMS / SLMS / MRO / PCMS / CPQ / QA systems ...
The list below is a non exhaustive list of integration completed for our customers:
  • Enovia SmarTeam & 3DExperience from Dassault Systemes
  • TeamCenter & Active Workspace from Siemens PLM,
  • CIM Database from Contact Software,
  • SAP (ECTR, DVS, CAD Desktop),
  • Aras Innovator, Admileo (Archimedon), ProLeis (ID-GmbH)
  • Several product configuration solutions, also called CPQ ((Cost Price Quote) solution such as Deutz DESEC, Tacton, Valtech,
  • Several service lifecycle management / after sales/ MRO (maintenance repair Overhaul) solutions such as Cimpa iSLM, Kisters LCAM,
  • Quality assurance systems (Kisters FastQ),
  • Project management solutions for AEC (EPLASS)
  • Spare parts solutions (CatalogCreator).
The 3DViewStation software family is designed to integrate a 3D and 2D visualization and a batch translation solution to all these systems.
3DViewStation provides APIs for easy integration, regardless of the product: Desktop, ActiveX, WebViewer and the KAS batch conversion tool. Processes are simplified by visualization of parts, assemblies, and documents. 3DViewStation includes advanced analysis tools, automatic comparison of revisions and digital mockups (DMU). Product variants and configurations, which managed as virtual product structures by PLM, Product Configurator (PCMS, CPQ), or Service Lifecycle Management (SLMS), can be loaded dynamically into 3DViewStation. Associative information, such as ERP metadata or associated service documentation (excluding SLMS) might be linked with geometric objects via hyperlinks.
Some 3DViewStation integration capabilities in your environment (excerpt):
  • 3D and 2D CAD visualization, including Office documents and images
  • Visualization for fat and web clients
  • Visualization of standard formats (STEP, JT, 3D PDF ...)
  • Support for a new native file format (Catia, Creo, NX, SOlidWorks, Solid Edge, Inventor ...)
  • Generation of preview images/ thumbnails of 3D models
  • Automation of 3D data enrichment with metadata to allow links to other models / documents or infoset (intelligent 3D data).
  • Optimization of visualization performance thanks to the 3DVS proprietary format of 3DViewStation (a few seconds for the most complex assemblies)
  • Integration of the viewer in the user interface of your existing system or with a full UI
  • Process Automation (IP Protection, BOM, ...)
  • 3D or 2D comparison from your PDM system
  • Creation of 3D models of virtual products, i.e. without a CAD assembly file, directly from the PDM system
  • Creation of virtual 3D PDF file, even if the 3D PDF format is a monolithic format

3DViewStation Adds Value to HMI and IoT Applications

Modern machines, especially the most complex, are usually equipped with a local computer with a control screen to manage the human-machine interface (HMI). In the past, the operator pressed buttons to operate the machine and display error codes. Today, the interface has focused on displaying 3D geometries by detailing the exact configuration of the machine. The operator can navigate to an area of ​​interest, collect information and show a service technician errors found. The user experience is improved to make diagnostics and technical support more efficient and faster.

CAD Visualisation integration in CIM Database PLM

3DViewStation integrates with CIM Database PLM. Synergy occurs between metadata search tools or structural information from CONTACT Elements and CIM Database and the visualization and geometry analysis features of 3DViewStation, especially for expert users with special needs, such as in the field of wall thickness analysis and off-line use.

CAD Visualisation integration in SAP

Like many SAP users, you want to leverage all the benefits of PLM and ERP by developing better interconnection between design data and business data. The integration of 3DViewStation can help you convert these capabilities into benefits with more efficient and simpler processes.

CAD Visualisation integration in Aras Innovator

3DViewStation integrates with Aras Innovator. Synergy occurs between metadata search tools or structural information via the Aras Innovator client mask and the 3DviewStation geometry visualization and analysis features.

CAD Visualisation integration in Siemens Teamcenter and ActiveWorkspace

3DViewStation integrates with Siemens Teamcenter and ActiveWorkspace. Synergy occurs between metadata search tools or structural information via the Siemens Teamcenter and ActiveWorkspace client mask and the 3DviewStation geometry visualization and analysis features.

3DViewStation Active-X

3DViewStation AX is an ActiveX-component based on our 3DViewStation, designed specifically for the requirements of our customers. It comes complete with a native 3D CAD viewer component, and a 3D viewer with all capabilities you will ever need for visual navigation.

CAD Visualisation integration in ENOVIA 3DExperience or SmarTeam

3DViewStation integrates with ENOVIA 3DExperience or SmarTeam. Synergy occurs between metadata search tools or structural information via the SmarTeam or 3DExperience client mask and the 3DviewStation geometry visualization and analysis features.

Visualization for product configuration with 3DViewStation

You have set up a product configurator on the Web or you are developing a CPQ solution. Your solution is perfectly configured and adapted to your needs: all the products, with the rules of configuration, pricing of components are defined. You want to give access to your products and associated geometries, but you need a powerful visualization solution to use your configuration solution effectively. In this case, 3DViewStation WebViewer can help you.