CAD Visualisation integration in Siemens Teamcenter and ActiveWorkspace

3DViewStation integrates with Siemens Teamcenter and ActiveWorkspace. Synergy occurs between metadata search tools or structural information via the Siemens Teamcenter and ActiveWorkspace client mask and the 3DviewStation geometry visualization and analysis features.

Users do not just want to read textual descriptions of a product - they want to be able to see the 3D rendering of the product, and that very quickly. This is where the integration of 3DViewStation makes sense. Siemens Teamcenter and ActiveWorkspace users can work with a next-generation CAD visualizer, enabling quick visualization of even the largest CAD data. 3DViewStation can read all versions of major CAD systems such as CATIA V5, Creo, NX and Solid Edge.

One of the user modes is to integrate 3DViewStation into the ActiveWorkspace user interface, leveraging its high-performance 3D viewing capabilities, allowing users to view assemblies of multiple GBs in seconds. The second user mode is to open the CAD data directly in the 3DViewStation application (Desktop or WebViewer) providing access to all advanced analysis tools, 3D comparison and Digital MockUp (DMU) functions. Integration can also be done between TeamCenter and 3DViewStation VR Edition, greatly reducing CAD data preparation times for Virtual Reality. Our integration offers advanced features, such as the automatic addition of metadata text annotations using voice-controlled during the VR session.