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Enhancing Siemens Teamcenter et ActiveWorkspace through CAD Visualization

Integrating CAD visualization into Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) systems is crucial for companies aiming to boost their efficiency, productivity, and collaboration. In this piece, we'll delve into how Siemens Digital Industries harnesses advanced 3D CAD visualization and swift VR sessions within the PLM systems Teamcenter and ActiveWorkspace, employing Kisters' 3DViewStation.

3DViewStation: A Robust Visualization Tool

Kisters' 3DViewStation is a potent, user-friendly CAD visualization tool endowed with a wealth of features, adept at processing large assemblies swiftly. Importantly, it supports current versions of leading CAD systems like CATIA, Creo, NX, SolidEdge, and Solidworks. Furthermore, it accommodates neutral formats such as JT and STEP. This viewer seamlessly integrates with Siemens Teamcenter and ActiveWorkspace, enabling users to exploit its advanced features.

Integration with Siemens ActiveWorkspace

Within Siemens ActiveWorkspace, users can fully embed the 3DViewStation WebViewer version. They can visualize multi-GB assemblies in mere seconds, thanks to 3DViewStation's capabilities. Moreover, 3DViewStation licenses offer interfaces to other CAD systems, be it in 3D or 2D, including Office and image formats. This flexibility means users can craft mock-ups using data from various sources without additional prep time, eliminating the need for conversion to a common format like JT.

Once a model is loaded via ActiveWorkspace into the 3DViewStation WebViewer, users access over 180 features, intuitively presented via an MS Office-style ribbon interface. This interface can be customized to either strip it down or rearrange as needed. Multiple interface settings can cater to distinct user groups. Many clients have embraced the modern online version of 3DViewStation due to its robust features.

3DViewStation's VR Capabilities

The VR-Edition of 3DViewStation 3DViewStation is also integrated with ActiveWorkspace. This enables users to conduct virtual inspections and standard CAD analyses during VR sessions. They can also attach voice-commanded annotations to geometry and store snapshots in ActiveWorkspace for later editing. Unlike other VR software, 3DViewStation VR Edition employs the same graphic core as its desktop and WebViewer versions. This consistency allows almost all desktop version features to be accessible in the VR edition.

Virtual reality is now pivotal in the industry for early-stage error and issue detection. Issues identified through VR are archived in the PLM system like ActiveWorkspace and tracked via change management. Though snapshots offer a quick visual impression, to delve deep into an issue, the same model with identical display settings from the prior VR session is scrutinized further in the ActiveWorkspace interface using 3DViewStation WebViewer. This showcases a flawless interplay between PLM, VR, and web visualization.

Enhanced Collaboration and Decision-making

Integrating CAD visualization into Siemens Teamcenter and ActiveWorkspace also fosters better collaboration among team members. Users can seamlessly share and comment on CAD models in real-time without transmitting bulky files. This results in quicker decision-making and curtails errors from intermediate communication. Moreover, CAD visualization is valuable for client presentations or project meetings. Models can be effortlessly shared with external partners through online collaboration platforms like Siemens Teamcenter Share. Direct annotations and comments on the model foster clearer communication and understanding.

Benefits in Training and Documentation

Using CAD visualization aids in enhancing product training and documentation. Models can be harnessed to craft interactive user manuals and training videos, helping users grasp product functionality better. Models can also guide detailed assembly instructions, diminishing assembly errors.

In sum, incorporating CAD visualization into Siemens Teamcenter and ActiveWorkspace presents myriad benefits for businesses. From advanced CAD visualization and bolstered collaboration to informed decision-making and error reduction, the advantages are palpable. The user-friendly interface and rich functionalities of Kisters' 3DViewStation allow swift visualization and in-depth analysis of CAD models. With 3DViewStation VR Edition's integration, users can also undertake VR sessions and add voice-commanded annotations for a deeper analysis. All in all, CAD visualization's integration into Siemens Teamcenter and ActiveWorkspace is a significant boon for companies striving to elevate their efficiency and competitive edge