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Preparing CAD models for simulation plays a pivotal role in the industrial sector. CADfix emerges as a relevant tool to tackle this challenge.

Automated Simplification of CAD Models with CADfix

The CADfix tool provides a wide range of features for weight reduction and simplification of CAD models. Particularly useful in process plant layout and factory design, it offers immense benefits that we explore here.

Model reduction and simplification via CADfix can manifest in various ways. Here are some concrete examples:

  • Removal of Small Parts: Superfluous small parts like nuts, bolts, washers, and small supports are eliminated.
  • Delete CAD Details: CAD details like drill holes, cavities, protrusions, logos, and letterings are removed.
  • Internal Element Removal: Internal elements are taken out.
  • Complex to Simple: Transformation of complex parts into more basic shapes.
  • Auto-detection and Deletion: Automated detection and removal of small-sized elements.
  • Automatic Selection: Automatic selection of parts with similar morphology.

Video Application Example

The video illustrates the benefit of simplifying a large assembly for process plant design. For instance, a user sends a bulky equipment assembly of 798 megabytes to a system designer and a field engineer.

They encounter problems like intellectual property concerns, model size, incompatible formats, etc. One solution is model simplification. An example provided shows an equipment assembly of 40 megabytes and 73,000 faces, reduced to 1 megabyte and 2,000 faces—a 97% data reduction in 15 minutes.

Extrapolated to a complete plant, this means gigabytes of unnecessary details removed and hours of integration time saved. Using CADfix, the simplified model is just 29 megabytes. The sender saves time and protects their intellectual property, while the recipients get exactly what they need. Benefits include file size reduction, fewer import failures, and a usable model.

In conclusion, CADfix establishes itself as a first-choice solution for preparing CAD models ahead of simulation processes. It simplifies, reduces weight, and optimizes models for better industrial implementation.