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CAD model explode view

Unlock the potential of 3DViewStation: swiftly and effortlessly craft illustrations from your CAD models. The video below showcases this feature through a demonstration. Your model can be sourced from various CAD origins or formats such as Catia V5, Pro-Engineer Creo, NX, SolidWorks, and more.

Visualization Modes in 3DViewStation

3DViewStation offers diverse visualization modes to cater to your needs. Notably, you can integrate both shaded and wireframe modes. Additionally, the exclusive illustration mode adds depth to your visuals.

  • Shaded Mode: Best for a realistic view of your model.
  • Wireframe Mode: Emphasizes the underlying structure.
  • Illustration Mode: An enhanced visual representation.
  • Two Extra Graphic Effects: Silhouette and Opaque. Particularly, the Opaque effect will remove any transparency on the geometry.

Annotation and Editing Tools

3DViewStation empowers you to add 3D annotations directly onto the geometry. By clicking on a component, its name will pop up. However, this can be easily modified if required.

Data Integration and Export

Enhance your workflow efficiency with 3DViewStation's seamless integration and export tools.

  • Bill of Materials (BOM): Generate in a single click and conveniently import into Excel.
  • Snapshot Exports: Capture your work and export in multiple formats, be it raster formats like JPG, PNG or vector formats such as DXF or SVG.

In the realm of CAD modeling and visualization, 3DViewStation stands out as a pivotal tool. Whether you're diving into intricate designs, intending to seamlessly integrate data, or desiring a diverse range of visualization modes, it caters to all these requirements and more. Embrace the future of CAD illustration with 3DViewStation.