CAD Data Reuse for CAM

In addition to strengthening the existing array of CAD to CAD and CAD to CAE tools, the CADfix functionality now extends into the area of Additive Manufacturing (AM) and 3D Printing, with new capabilities including:

  • Ability to define build-boxes for different 3D printing machines and then import, scale and layout components
  • Ability to generate highly accurate 2D slices of CAD models for export to print machines
  • Visualization and analysis of 2D slices to determine potential manufacturing issues

CADfix provide tools and utilities to create a build box for additive manufacturing and organize your models in this area. Click to watch video.

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CADfix slicing capabilities will help to prepare your models for 3D printing and get better quality results using curved facet technology (CN or C1 facets). Click to watch video.

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