Create a quality faceted model with localized refinement

CADfix provides many functionality to create a faceted model. The Wrap tool enable to create advanced tesselation with high level refinement on localized zone. Click to watch the video.

Facet based models are a useful format for file transfer, mesh generation, and efficient geometric computation. Faceted models consist of groups of polygons (often triangles). Starting from a BREP model, CAE simulations then break down this NURBS representation into facets by a process known as meshing. The mesh (or grid) is then used as the basis to perform simulations such as Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and more. When using uniform tesselation, level of details is not accurate enough in some zone and too fine in other zone.

CADfix enables to create several zones with different facet controls (Selective Area Growth - SAG). The following video show you how to define a zone with a more accurate tesselation.