CAD Data Collaboration

Collaboration with customers, suppliers, and partners worldwide has become a standard business practice in the manufacturing industry. It offers business benefits of lower cost resources, around the clock engineering, and availability of unique expertise. It also introduces many new challenges including:
  • Security
  • Accountability
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Timeliness
  • Resources
  • Frequent updates
  • Multi-CAD environments
  • Business Process Integration

Even with effective point solutions, collaboration between companies is a complex process, prone to human error and delays. Moreover, when a project depends on regular, repeatable data exchanges that are failing, these delays can quickly build up and eat into overhead. This can very quickly erase the business advantages a company would expect to gain through global collaboration.

Even though the current global pandemic has accelerated the trend, for many companies the process of implementing solutions for online collaboration and teleworking had started before the lock-down periods linked to the COVID-19 crisis. When it comes to sharing CAD data, some constraints appear like data security and download time when data often exceed several tens or even hundreds of Mb. And very quickly the situation is established: the exchange by E -mail, FTP or other cloud sharing solutions is not possible. To address this issue, VisShare and 3DViewStation WebViewer offer a rich set of features for a quick and secure access to your CAD data at all stages of the product life cycle.

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Feature based collaboration with Proficiency

Our solutions enable geometry to feature-based collaborative exchange, neutral to native CAD files to meet product delivery requirements. Our solutions integrate with all major PLM solutions, complete with automated batch exchange, business logic driven rules and audit and verification reports.

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Data exchange automation

DEXcenter, allows global product data collaboration to be fast, efficient, and reliable while maintaining security and accountability.

Some aspects of this framework include:

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