CAD model measurement tool with 3DViewStation

3DViewStation measurement functionnalities

With 3DViewStation, a complete range of measurement tools is available to measure and create dimension on your CAD model. The following video presents all measurement functionalities to create dimensions, note, bounding box for project revision and more. You can use it on any supported CAD model (Catia V5, Pro-Engineer Creo, NX, SolidWorks and others ...).

Mode : Measurement will only display the measure in a dialogue panel whereas Dimension will create a note on the 3D geometry. You can save and restore dimensions in a view for project review purpose.

Coordinate will display the X Y Z coordinates of a point. The cursor will automatically magnetize to characteristic position (on edge, end-point, mid-point ...).

Edge will measure the lenght of an edge. You can compute the lenght of several edges using Accumulated lenght (useful to measure an outline).

Circle mode : You can mesure an arc or a cicle using arc selection or 3 points selection methods.

Circle : There are different measure tool : Radius, diameter, perimeter, or center position.

Distance : There is a large choice to measure distance: Between 2 points, Between point and edge, Point and axis, Point and solid, 2 edges, edge and face, solid, 2 axes, circle center and edge, 2 faces, face and circle center, face and solid, 2 solids.

Angle : There is a large choice to measure angle : between 2 circle axis, between axis and edge, between 2 lines, between 2 planes, between plane and direction, between 3 points.

Thickness : Wall thickness is very useful to measure thickness in one click. Simply move your mouse on the model, this nice arrow show you the direction. Click to create the note.

Bounding Box create the minimum bounding box of a part or a model