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Acive-X integration with 3DViewStation

The area of CAD data exchange is over! Forgot complex conversions, e-mail, FTP or cloud exchanges. Using these dangerous and painful methods, once transmitted, you can't control your data and associated intellectual properties, lengthen deadlines and increase the risk of information obsolescence. By providing controlled and instant access to your CAD data, VisShare is an easy-to-implement and highly customisable enterprise collaboration environment. VisShare leverages 3DViewStation WebViewer visualization and analysis technology with control and sharing management features.


With VisShare, collaboration between departments or with your partners is efficient and transparent. Administration of users and groups (teams) regulates access control and rights. VisShare installation and configuration is simple. After installing on a server, VisShare is immediately available to everyone. No client installation is required ("zero-install, zero-admin"). Use your mobile phone, iPad or laptop to access your data and work on the go. 3DViewStation WebViewer technology generates server-side rendering, freeing the client from constraints to visualize and analyze complex models with hundreds of thousands of components instantly. To enhance security, no 3D data is transmitted to the terminal. The data remains safe on your server and you control who can consult them at any time.

VisShare allows you to create as many users you need, without limit. Everyone has their own personal space where they can manage their own data and share it with others. A user can also create new groups, invite other users, and unlock his data for a group. The data can also be "published" to be visible to any VisShare user, which is useful for presentations. VisShare allows you to send a simple file sharing link by setting a validity period, a start and end time, or a maximum number of access. An update is instantly available to any user and, since a share can be revoked, you maintain full control over your data when it is out of date. Temporary collaboration with an external member is also possible by simply sending an invitation. This allows anyone, after authentication, to join the appropriate group.

You get all the features of 3DViewStation WebViewer to view your 2D or 3D CAD models as well as any image or Office document. Quickly view assemblies, isolate components, measure, analyze, create exploded views or sections, color geometry by state, add annotations or text to 3D CAD models, drawings or documents ... You'll find a overview of the features of 3DViewStation WebViewer here.

VisShare offers you transparency and security, allowing you to collaborate easily and securely with your customers and partners, saving you time and money. Try VisShare online - just register via this link, And discover the future of CAD collaboration!

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