3DViewStation is a universal software to view and analyze CAD models. Besides a Desktop-version, we provide an ActiveX-version and a WebViewer-version for cloud access. The Kisters 3DViewStation product family provides solutions for Windows desktops and notebooks, as well as for tablet-PCs and smartphones.

3DViewStation Product Family

3DViewStation is a viewing tool suitable not only for dynamic engineering collaboration but also for downstream users who benefit from visualization and understanding of 3D CAD data. With 3DViewStation you can view, analyze, and annotate engineering data for collaboration within your organization and throughout your business supply chain. Import, Export and view data from all major CAD systems such as CATIA V5, NX or ProE/Creo.

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3DViewStation AX is an ActiveX-component based on our 3DViewStation, designed specifically for the requirements of our customers. It comes complete with a native 3D CAD viewer component, and a 3D viewer with all capabilities you will ever need for visual navigation.

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3DViewStation WebViewer is a version based on our 3DViewStation technology. 3DViewStation WebViewer is a highly performant browser version CAD Viewer, which will allow you to access your 3D CAD data anytime and anywhere and with any device from PC to smartphone. A browser is all you need - no installation necessary. Integrated 3D Viewer for portals, for xMS and PLM systems allow the implementation of 3D viewing in product or parts portals and PLM clients.

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3DViewStation Automation Server is a flexible and scalable server-based solution for the automated processing of 3D data, complex 2D and 3D documents, and automated drawing comparisons.

In addition to integrations of the Automation Server in any leading systems, like PDM systems or SAP via a web service (SOA), KISTERS also offers a client for end users, which allows ad hoc use of many of the Kisters Automation Server functions, including conversions of native CAD assemblies into 3D PDF, or the comparison of 2 versions of a drawing. The end user client uses the same server and ensures that enterprise guidelines regarding standardized document creation are complied with.

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Improve your CAD visualization experience : Downlaod a free evalutation of 3DViewStation

To request an evaluation version of our 3DViewStation Desktop CAD Viewer, please complete the following form as detailled as possible.

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OnVidus associated with 3DViewStation WebViewer is a practice visualization solution offering any user the ability to access their data 2D & 3D CAD, or other documents. Its use is possible not only inside the corporate network, but also from outside on the go, using any device, even a smart phone.


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3D CAD Importer

  • 3D-PDF
  • 3DXML
  • ACIS
  • CGR
  • CATIA V4
  • CATIA V5
  • CATIA V6
  • CREO
  • I-DEAS
  • IGES
  • IFC
  • JT
  • NX
  • PRC
  • PRO/E
  • STEP
  • STL
  • U3D
  • VDA
  • VRML

2D Importer

  • 2D_PDF
  • BMP
  • CALS
  • DWF
  • DWG
  • DXF
  • GIF
  • HPGL
  • HPGL/2
  • JPEG
  • JPEG2000
  • WORD
  • PBM
  • PNG
  • PNM
  • POM
  • TIFF


3D CAD Export

  • 3D-PDF
  • 3DVS
  • ACIS
  • IGES
  • JT
  • PRC
  • STEP
  • STL
  • VRML

2D Export

  • BMP
  • DXF
  • JPG
  • PDF
  • PNG
  • SVG


Viewer features

  • Very, very fast viewing
  • Open, view and annotate CAD file with no CAD license
  • Support Part, assembly and drawing
  • Support Virtual CAD assemblies
  • Support Tesselated, BREP and PMI
  • Calculate Volume, surface, thickness, draft angle, ...
  • Compare, Clash detection
  • Share design data in a free .3D format
  • Merge several CAD format in one environment
  • Views management, create exploded views
  • Export to neutral CAD formats
  • Rich APIs for integration, hyperlinking



  • Floating or stand-alone license
  • Desktop & Active-X : all importers
  • Optional export module : all formats
  • WebViewer per concurrent sessions or per core
  • Automation server incl. all importers and export formats
  • Windows 7 SP1 mini