In today's world, where CAD models play a vital role in product design, it is essential to have a robust and versatile CAD viewer solution to view and analyze these models. The Kisters 3DViewStation CAD viewer is a universal software that provides various functionalities for CAD visualization and analysis. In this article, we will discuss the features and benefits of the 3DViewStation CAD viewer solution.

Universal Software for CAD Models visualization:

The 3DViewStation CAD viewer solution is a universal software that supports various CAD formats, including CATIA, Creo, NX, SolidWorks, Inventor, STEP, and many more. The software allows users to view and analyze these models with ease, making it a one-stop solution for all CAD-related tasks.

Multiple Versions:

Apart from the Desktop-version, the 3DViewStation CAD viewer solution provides an automation server for automatic translation and customization, a WebViewer-version for cloud access, a Virtual Reality version, and ActiveX-version for advanced integration. This provides users with the flexibility to access and use the software in the way that best suits their needs. The Kisters 3DViewStation product family provides solutions for Windows desktops and notebooks, as well as for tablets and smartphones, ensuring that users can access their CAD models wherever they are.

3DViewStation Family

180+ Functionalities for CAD Visualization and Analysis:

The 3DViewStation CAD viewer solution integrates more than 180 functionalities for CAD visualization and analysis, making it a comprehensive software solution for all CAD-related tasks. These functionalities include measurement and dimension, view in section, compare, digital mockup (DMU), move and rotate, search and filter, PMI/MBD read, annotations, technical documentation, create views, import properties, rendering modes, and intellectual property protection. With such an extensive range of functionalities, users can be confident that they can view and analyze their CAD models with ease and accuracy.

Main Benefits of 3DViewStation:

The 3DViewStation CAD viewer solution offers several main highlights, including high performance, rich functionality, easy handling, integration capability, adaptability through various APIs, and visualization on multiple platforms. The software's high performance ensures that users can create more in the same amount of time, while the rich functionality ensures that there is a tool for everyone. The easy handling due to an office-like interface with a ribbon system makes it an universal software. The integration capability and adaptability through various APIs enable users to customize the software to their specific needs. The software's ability to visualize data wherever users want, be it on Desktops, Tablets, Smartphones, Browser, or VR tools, ensures that users can access and view their CAD models wherever they are. Additionally, the 3DViewStation CAD viewer solution is backed by 25 years of experience and competence in the field of viewers and applications. The software is continuously updated, ensuring that users have access to the latest CAD systems support and to updated functionalities.

Advanced Viewer Integration:

With the 3DViewStation CAD viewer solution, users can get the most out of their data thanks to advanced viewer integration. Users can use 3DViewStation visualization with their PLM system, product configurator, after-sales solution, HMI, or in their specific enterprise application. All members of the Kisters 3DViewStation product family can be used alone or integrated into a leading application and without the need for terminals with powerful graphics cards. This offers all users the possibility to directly consult CAD data and all 3D information to make decisions faster and more reliably.

3DViewStation Desktop for CAD visualization

3DViewStation is a viewing tool suitable not only for dynamic engineering collaboration but also for downstream users who benefit from visualization and understanding of 3D CAD data. With 3DViewStation you can view, analyze, and annotate engineering data for collaboration within your organization and throughout your business supply chain. Import, Export and view data from all major CAD systems such as CATIA V5, NX or ProE/Creo.

Online CAD visualization with 3DViewStation WebViewer

3DViewStation WebViewer is a version based on our 3DViewStation technology. 3DViewStation WebViewer is a highly performant browser version CAD Viewer, which will allow you to access your 3D CAD data anytime and anywhere and with any device from PC to smartphone. A browser is all you need - no installation necessary. The Viewer allows an easy xMS and PLM systems integration to allow CAD model access for consultation from a portal or a PLM clients.

3DViewStation CAD Translation Automation Server

3DViewStation Automation Server is a flexible and scalable server-based solution for the automated processing of 3D data, complex 2D and 3D documents, and automated drawing comparisons.

In addition to integrations of the Automation Server in any leading systems, like PDM systems or SAP via a web service (SOA), KISTERS also offers a client for end users, which allows ad hoc use of many of the Kisters Automation Server functions, including conversions of native CAD assemblies into 3D PDF, or the comparison of 2 versions of a drawing. The end user client uses the same server and ensures that enterprise guidelines regarding standardized document creation are complied with.

3DViewStation for CAD visualization in Virtual Reality

3DViewStation VR-Edition is an economical alternative to your Powerwall or CAVE Automatic Virtual Environment. By taking advantage of SteamVR or Windows-based features such as HTC Vive or Lenovo Explorer, our CAD viewer solution 3DViewStation VR-Edition lets you dive virtually into 3D models. 

Controlled & secured sharing of your CAD data without translation with VisShare

The area of CAD data exchange is over! Forgot complex conversions, e-mail, FTP or cloud exchanges. Using these dangerous and painful methods, once transmitted, you can't control your data and associated intellectual properties, lengthen deadlines and increase the risk of information obsolescence. By providing controlled and instant access to your CAD data, VisShare is an easy-to-implement and highly customisable enterprise collaboration environment. VisShare leverages 3DViewStation WebViewer visualization and analysis technology with control and sharing management features.


3D CAD Importer

  • 3D Manufacturing Format (3MF)
  • 3D-PDF (PRC, U3D)
  • 3DXML
  • ACIS
  • Autodesk 3DS
  • Autodesk DWF
  • CGR
  • CATIA V4
  • CATIA V5
  • CATIA V6 / 3DExperience
  • CREO
  • FilmBox (FBX)
  • I-DEAS
  • IGES
  • IFC
  • JT Open
  • LIDAR Point Cloud Data File
  • MineCraft
  • NX Siemens
  • PRC
  • PRO/Engineer
  • STEP AP203/AP214/AP242
  • STL
  • VDA-FS
  • VRML

2D Advanced Importer

  • Catia V4 Drawing
  • Catia V5 Drawing
  • Catia V6 Drawing
  • Creo & ProE Drawing
  • NX Drawing
  • Solid Edge Drawing
  • SolidWorks Drawing

2D Basic Importer

  • 2D_PDF
  • AutoDesk Design Web (DWF)
  • Autodesk Drawing (DXF, DWG)
  • MicroStation (DGN)
  • CGM
  • SVG
  • Gerber (GER)
  • BMP
  • CALS (MIL)
  • GIF
  • HPGL (PLT)
  • HPGL/2 (PLT)
  • JPEG / JPEG2000
  • WORD
  • Open Office
  • PBM
  • PNG
  • PNM
  • PPM
  • TIFF
  • BMP
  • WebP


3D CAD Export

  • 3D-PDF (PRC, U3D)
  • 3D Manufacturing Format (3MF)
  • 3DViewStation (3DVS, VSXML)
  • ACIS
  • FilmBox (FBX)
  • IFC
  • IGES
  • JT
  • Minecraft
  • PRC
  • STEP
  • STL
  • VRML
  • Wavefront OBJ

2D Export

  • 3DVS
  • BMP
  • DXF
  • CGM
  • JPG
  • PDF
  • PNG
  • SVG


Viewer features

  • Very, very fast viewing
  • Open, view and annotate CAD file with no CAD license
  • Support Part, assembly and drawing
  • Support Virtual CAD assemblies
  • Support Tessellated, BREP and PMI
  • Search and filter
  • Measure & dimension
  • Transform & explode
  • Calculate Volume, surface, thickness, draft angle, ...
  • Feature recognition (Axes, holes ...)
  • Section, Compare, Clash detection
  • Simplification, Alienation, IP Protection
  • Merge several CAD format in one environment, DMU
  • Annotation, Views management, exploded views, BOM, layout
  • Export to neutral CAD formats
  • Rich APIs for integration, hyperlinking



  • Floating or stand-alone license
  • Desktop : Single or all importers
  • Optional module :
    Advanced analysis,
    Feature recognition,
    Technical documentation,
    3D Export,
    2D advanced drawing import,
    IP Protection
  • WebViewer per concurrent sessions or per core
  • VR device : all compatible with Steam VR (HTC Vive, Lenovo Explorer,...)
  • Automation server incl. all importers and export formats
  • see more