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Integrating CAD visualization into SAP through 3DViewStation is highly favored by businesses aiming to enhance their design and production processes. Indeed, 3D visualization is pivotal in project management, offering a swift and accurate understanding of design and assemblies.

With 3DViewStation's integration, SAP users can effortlessly access design data. This new-generation CAD visualization tool provides swift visualization of CAD assemblies in native or neutral formats such as JT, 3D-PDF, or STEP, even for extensive files.

High-Performance CAD Visualization

Currently, 3DViewStation is recognized as the most efficient and reliable tool on the market. It boasts:

  • Handy visualization, analysis, and measurement tools.
  • Features for geometric comparisons, view creations, and annotations.
  • Dynamic product management capabilities via its API, streamlining work with product variations, configurations, and diverse product structure views.

Dynamic Storage in SAP

By storing virtual product structures (structure and position of each part) in SAP, 3DViewStation allows:

  • Simultaneous loading of all parts during execution.
  • The flexibility to load sub-assemblies instead of the full structure.
  • Replacement of selected parts with alternate versions.

Enhanced Color and Responsiveness Options

3DViewStation integration offers:

  • Part coloring using profile-based color codes, offering buyers a clear inventory view and project managers insight into part version status.
  • Improved responsiveness on part clicks, creating robust options for role-based PLM and ERP clients. For instance, a buyer might click on a shape to see the latest supplier or price, while technicians can transition from a 3D part to PDF maintenance instructions with a mouse click.

Performance Optimization with 3DVS Format

Converting to the 3DVS format via the Kisters Automation Server (KAS):

  • Boosts performance as files become significantly smaller.
  • Enables rapid loading of even the most intricate assemblies.
  • Elevates user experience by minimizing 3D model loading wait times, fostering efficient and productive work.

Incorporating CAD visualization in SAP using 3DViewStation presents numerous advantages for businesses striving to improve efficiency. By allowing rapid and easy visualization of 3D designs, 3DViewStation stands as a practical solution for businesses aiming to seamlessly integrate design and business data. Moreover, employing the Kisters Automation Server (KAS) for data conversion boosts performance and allows swift loading of complex assemblies. The APIs in 3DViewStation also offer increased customization and adaptability, assisting buyers and project managers in comprehending inventory and part status. Overall, integrating CAD visualization in SAP via 3DViewStation emerges as an efficient and practical solution for companies focused on enhancing productivity and efficiency.