Intellectual Property Protection with DEXcenter

Protecting valuable product data is a critical business function. Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA) or Proprietary Information Agreements (PIA) between yourself and partners are frequently used to help ensure critical business data is not disclosed inappropriately. But often these agreements are managed differently throughout an organization or allowed to lapse. Both situations expose your business to losses.

DEXcenter provides automatic mechanisms to ensure PIA agreements exist and are valid before allowing data to be exchanged:

  • Requirements for PIA agreements are specified per Company
  • A database of PIA agreement information is maintained including:
    • Company name
    • Agreement number
    • Effective dates of the agreement
    • PIA legend
  • The PIA Legend is delivered with data files to ensure partners are properly notified of their legal requirements
  • Exchanges cannot occur if a PIA agreement is required and either does not exist or has expired
  • A Report Generation function facilitates verification and auditing capability