Feature based collaboration with Proficiency

Geometry Data exchange to Feature based exchange

Our solutions enable geometry to feature-based collaborative exchange, neutral to native CAD files to meet product delivery requirements. Our solutions integrate with all major PLM solutions, complete with automated batch exchange, business logic driven rules and audit and verification reports.

You can cost effectively deliver designs that meet your customer specifications while protecting your intellectual property. As a supplier you can bid on opportunities based on your design expertise without concern to specific product data delivery requirements and not limited by their CAD system. With the ability to load balance designers you are able to reduce down time and improve productivity.

Sharing product knowledge information between design partners, the prime, the customer, different departments or divisions within a company or with manufacturing is essential for successful design collaboration. Our solutions provide automated results across the full spectrum of translation detail: from JT or STEP to native, feature-base CAD files. This allows you to meet required delivery formats while also providing the appropriate level of detail throughout the design and manufacturing processes. The result is more effective design collaboration, reduced time associated with manual translations, improved workflows and processes, more time for innovation, faster time-to-market and higher product quality.