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Paris, Monday, June 10, 2024 - We are pleased to announce the launch of CADfix PPS 5, our latest version of CAD model simplification and file size reduction solution. PPS 5 includes many significant updates and enhancements to improve the simplification process, making it more effective and efficient. PPS 5 now offers faster processing, higher data size reductions, and improved control of sensitive connectors.


  • New revolved simplification
  • New extrusion simplification
  • New thread recognition & removal
  • New fastener recognition
  • New “floor grill” simplification
  • New external connector preservation
  • New open-shell simplification
  • New auto-deletion of enclosed parts
  • New centreline network technology
  • Significantly faster, 2x-5x or higher
  • Significantly higher % size reduction

pps5 : Auto-Simplification


  • Latest CAD versions
  • Improved IFC import

Manual tools

  • New revolved simplification tool
  • Improved extrusion simplification tool
  • More complex hole/protrusion removal
  • Improved internal detail removal

Model tree

  • Faster load and browse speeds
  • Selective exploding of part instances


  • New before/after compare tool
  • New body size histogram tool
  • New model size shown in the status bar
  • Improved model size reduction counter
  • Visual feedback on body sizes
  • New German language version

This new version of the product is immediately available for all customers under maintenance wishing to update CADfix to PPS 5.

For more details on the CADfix CAD repair and CAD simplification solution, please refer to the following documents:

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