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The latest version of the world's leading 3D CAD repair & healing software is now available

ITI TranscenData announced today the release of CADfix 8.1, the latest edition of its leading CAD interoperability tool which tackles the ever present problems of 3D model data exchange and re-use between different engineering applications. CADfix allows the user to import CAD data, efficiently repair and adapt it, and export in the most suitable form for reuse in the downstream system, eliminating the need for expensive CAD model rework.

Some of the many enhancements in CADfix 8.1 include:

CADfix  External visibility filter

Targeted Diagnostics: The CADfix diagnostic tree has been overhauled to allow targeted application of different fixes to specific problem types. This approach gives the user greater control over the fix applied to problems and yields greater success than applying one fix to all.

Repair & Prepare Enhancements: Enhancements to the core CADfix code has led to higher success rates for automatic model processing. As a result, less manual interaction is required reducing the translation process time.

External Visibility Filter: For some applications it is desirable to remove hidden or internal details from the model. The External Visibility Filter is a new Wizard Transform option that scans the model, identifies externally visible faces or bodies an removes the unwanted internal details.

Typical applications include: 

  • Filtering of large assemblies to reduce them to much smaller outer visible representations only, for use in supply chain integration scenarios, IPR protection or DMU visualization
  • Clash detection and packaging
  • Lightweight display and export to collaboration tools
  • Aiding extraction process of Wetted Perimeters for Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

JT Translator Enhancements: To complement the JTOpen Export Translator added at CADfix 8.0 SP1, we have now added a JTOpen import Translator. The Import Translator extracts the precise BREP data from JTOpen files (not facetted data). These interfaces are now available to all customers - not just JTOpen consortium members only.

STL Local Refinement: The ability to apply local refinement when generating STL meshes and Shrinkwraps has been added at CADfix 8.1. This enables certain regions of the model to have increased resolution while keeping the global facet count low.

High Aspect Ratio Face Fix: New find and fix functionality allows the user to scan the model for faces or regions which exceed a given aspect ratio. High Aspect Ratio faces can be an issue for some meshing systems; this fix automatically splits up the face and negates the problem.

Shrink Wrap STL Generator: Refined to increase the speed of Shrink Wrap Generation which offers significant time savings, particularly on larger models. Introduction of new option th

at allows the user to specify faces of particular importance to ensure the Shrink Wrapper conforms to those regions. Main application is for thin regions.

"Engineers and designers are increasingly under pressure to deliver products to market in shorter and shorter timescales, this coupled with increasing complexity drives the need for effective CAD repair, translation and simplification", said Mark Gammon, CADfix Product Manager. "With CADfix 8.1, we have continued to add new and innovative functionality that builds upon our strong foundations and helps to increase efficiency in the engineering workplace."

The new product release is available immediately worldwide and current CADfix customers can easily upgrade to version 8.1