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KISTERS announced today the release of 3DViewStation VR-Edition, a Virtual Reality (VR) solution powered by 3DViewStation. 3DViewStation VR-Edition is an immersive 3D CAD model experience and a cost effective alternative to your Powerwall or Cave.

Leveraging HTC Vive our 3DViewStation VR-Edition lets you dive into 3D model virtually. This will work with even large assemblies, like vehicles, maschines or buildings as we are using a patented renderer. 3D models can be displayed in real size or might be scaled to fit into the space between the sensors. You can lift a whole car in order to inspect it at the bottom side or you can select individual parts to try an assembly or disassembly process. Finally 3DViewStation Desktop can be used as authoring tool to create a series of views, which you can navigate through during a session in 3DViewStation VR-Edition.

Using our 3DViewStation VR-Edition, you can :

  • experience 3D models immersivly with your CAD models,
  • move yourself inside a model for inspection
  • "beam" youself to a new position
  • select parts
  • hide parts
  • move parts
  • do sections