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Paris, Monday, February 22, 2021 – ITI announce the release of CADfix Viz, a new CAD to mesh conversion solution that maximizes the reuse of 3D digital assets for VR/AR/MR applications.
CADfix Viz is a user-friendly solution built on the proven CADfix model translation, repair, and simplification platform, designed to streamline the process of converting complex CAD models for use in VR/AR/MR visualization systems. Process automation reduces the engineering design labor and costs associated with large CAD model simplification and integration.

Large complex CAD models produce equally large mesh files with high triangle counts that frequently prevent effective data re-use in VR/AR/MR, mobile, and web applications. CADfix Viz generates robust, high-quality mesh with minimal triangles and reduced file size. Mesh can be simplified using a suite of simplification tools, removing unnecessary model features to reduce the triangle count. The conversion and simplification process is fully configurable, ensuring that appropriate levels of detail (LOD) are achieved in the resultant mesh. Utilizing the CADfix Viz batch processing capabilities, mesh representations with multiple LOD can be produced quickly with minimal user interaction.

Complex CAD assembly automatically exported to multiple LOD mesh representations

CADfix Viz offers extensive multi-CAD import support for industry neutral formats, such as STEP and JTOpen, plus support for native formats from all mainstream MCAD systems. CADfix Viz exports to a range of common formats used in AR/VR/MR applications, such as FBX, glTF and OBJ. CADfix Viz also exports to flavored FBX files suitable for use in the Unreal and Unity software applications, enabling the seamless transfer of complex assemblies containing multiple LODs.
CAD features such as small bodies, holes, protrusions, and hidden internal features, add complexity and significantly increase mesh sizes. CADfix Viz automatically identifies and removes overly detailed model features to reduce both mesh and file size. Meshes can be further simplified using wrapping tools to produce more rudimentary representations of components. Intelligent mesh decimation tools target complex areas of the model, prioritizing regions of dense mesh where the greatest triangle reduction can be achieved with minimal geometric change.

CADfix Viz is packaged with an intuitive user interface that provides automated model processing supported by interactive tools for additional control. A command-line batch option allows CADfix Viz to be integrated into automatic workflows to further streamline the conversion process. CADfix Viz is available now on the Windows platform and a Linux version is planned.
Andy Chinn, Director of ITI’s CADfix development center, comments, “We are excited to be releasing a new solution for visualization systems that benefits from our years of geometry and meshing expertise. The release of CADfix Viz means that complex 3D mechanical CAD assets can be quickly and automatically converted into optimized lightweight forms for immediate use in VR/AR/MR applications, helping our customers realize vital efficiency and cost savings.”

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