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Paris, Thursday August 10, 2023 - SimLab Soft announced the new version 11.1 of SimLab, the latest version of its virtual reality session creation solution. An update including new features for preparation and control. SimLab is available through VR Studio, Composer, VR Collaboration and VR Viewer products.

New Features in SimLab 11.1 :

  • Gesture control: SimLab VR Viewer on Quest now supports gesture control, eliminating the need for controllers. Video
  • Realistic Avatar: Design and preview your own custom avatar with SimLab VR Studio. Video
  • Complex CAD Search: Easily find, show/hide, isolate, highlight and grab objects in complex CAD assemblies. Video
  • Multiple Section Plane: Ability to selectively make objects appear and disappear when dragging different section planes. Vidéo 
  • Slide Presentation: Import your presentation and enjoy a compact VR experience with the VR Slide Maker tool. Vidéo
  • Piping Tool: Stretch and shorten hoses as needed, adding flexibility and realism to your simulations. Video

Thanks to these comprehensive features, SimLab is the ideal tool for preparing a VR session for product presentation, simulation, learning, .... SimLab can import the majority of CAD formats on the market and can be integrated to your CAD software. This new version of the product is immediately available for all customers under maintenance wishing to update SimLab to version 11.1.

For more details on new features and bug fixes, refer to this page

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