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CAD Exchanger

CAD Exchanger company was founded in 2014 by Roman Lygin, a veteran with more than 20 years of experience in CAD data exchange, parallel computing and project management at EADS Matra Datavision, Open CASCADE and Intel. However, the roots go back five years when CAD Exchanger started as Roman's hobby project and gained great popularity among users who still faced CAD data conversion challenges.

Today, the CAD Exchanger solution enables collaboration and sharing of 3D data between hundreds of thousands of users.

The CAD Exchanger team is made up of more than 40 engineers with a strong background in math, computer science, engineering, marketing, graphic design and many other fields, able to confidently meet the challenges of CAD interoperability.CADEX-SOFT office - editor of the CAD Exchanger solution

Many customers in more than 110 countries trust CAD Exchanger solutions. The technology developed by CADEX-SOFT helps users to share their 3D data, which can come from any format, from any source, on any platform: Volvo in the automotive industry, Apple in consumer electronics, NASA in space exploration, Amazon in the delivery business, and many more.

References and customer testimonials: Startups and Fortune 500 companies using CAD Exchanger

CAD Exchanger