3D PDF (U3D & PRC)

U3D and PRC are both 3D file formats that can be used to embed 3D models and assemblies in a PDF container file. A 3D PDF file can contain precise geometry representation (B-Rep), Tessellated (triangulated) presentation of B-Rep geometry, Assembly structure and PMI (3D annotations).

PRC (Product Representation Compact) have been created in 2002 by TTF (acquired by adobe in 2011). PRC format is now published as an ISO standard (14739-1:2014).

U3D (Universal 3D) was defined by "3D Industry Forum" consortium including diverse group of companies and organizations (Intel, Boeing, HP, Adobe Systems, Bentley Systems,Right Hemisphere and others).

PRC is generally prefered due to the following benefits:

  • Shape definitions for NURBS
  • Triangle mesh compression
  • Annotations, PMI, Markup (missing on U3D)
  • Complex Assemblies
  • ISO Standard

CAD Interop distributes several softwares to view, translate and compare 3D PDF files. Find below the list of our solutions compatible with 3D PDF format:

3DViewStation CAD Translation Automation Server
3DViewStation Desktop for CAD visualization
3DViewStation for CAD visualization in Virtual Reality
CAD Reuse for CAE with CADfix DX
CAD Translation, Healing and Repair with CADfix DX
Collaborate in virtual reality with Simlab Collaboration
Controlled & secured sharing of your CAD data without translation with VisShare
Create 3D scenes for simulation and virtual reality with SimLab Composer
Lightweight batch CAD conversion solution with CAD Exchanger Batch
Online CAD visualization with 3DViewStation WebViewer
Simplify large CAD assemblies with CADfix PPS
The essentials to explore your 3D models with CAD Exchanger Lab
The free platform for virtual reality with SimLab VR Viewer
Visualize and animate your 3D scenes in virtual reality with SimLab Studio