Data Exchange Automation

DEXcenter, allows global product data collaboration to be fast, efficient, and reliable while maintaining security and accountability.

Some aspects of this framework include:


Flexibility: It is common for an organization to use ITI's Supplier CAD Data Collaboration solution as an overlay or replacement for their current systems. Many adopt our data exchange solutions because they can achieve significant results and return on investment without impacting hard decisions that have been made on existing PLM systems.

Security: The collaboration infrastructure provides multiple levels of security to protect proprietary corporate assets. This includes private, secure access, encrypted transmission, and layered firewall security. DEXcenter is frequently used to provide a secure buffer between internal proprietary PLM systems and external suppliers, partners, and customers.

Accountability: DEXcenter captures each transaction so there is always a record of exactly what data was sent, to whom it was sent, and when it was sent.

Regulatory Compliance: ITI's product data collaboration solution can be configured to ensure regulatory compliance procedures are followed and to provide traceability.

Timeliness: The standardized web infrastructure is available to any authorized user with a web browser anytime of the day. The streamlined automated procedures reduce the number of people who must be involved in an exchange. Clients report exchanges which once took days are now completed accurately, securely, and reliably in a matterof minutes.

Resources: Typical manual processes in corporations involve many people including those with skills in high demand. The automated processes of a web accessible framework eliminate the need for highly skilled engineers and designs to spend their time performing largely repetitive, non-value added activities thus freeing them to concentrate on making better products. Computer resources are better utilized through concentrating processing to dedicated servers that provide high availability while minimizing software license requirements.

Frequent Updates: The nature of collaborative engineering is one of change. Thus electronic data is not exchanged just once but many times throughout the product lifecycle. This increases the importance of having a solid and reliable infrastructure to support the level of collaboration activity effectively. ITI TranscenData's collaboration infrastructure provides a scalable solution to meet this requirement.

Multi-CAD Environment: Collaboration partners typically utilize a variety of engineering tools. To exchange data effectively, data provided to partners or received from them should be immediately usable without requiring extensive manual rework or preparation. The CAD Data Exchange Automation aspect of DEXcenter provides robust functionality to provide fast, efficient, and reliable translation between CAD applications that can be configured to meet individual partner requirements.

Business Process Integration: Unique corporate business processes must often be included when exchanging data for collaboration. This may include integration with a PLM system, an approval process, special CAD data processing, or proprietary transmission methods. DEXcenter open architecture supports customization to include these processes automatically.