CAD Data Exchange Automation

When collaborating with suppliers, customers, and partners in a multi-CAD environment, CAD data must be translated from one CAD system and format into another. These translations must be performed quickly, accurately, and reliably to ensure your collaborators receive data they can use immediately. In many corporations, these operations are manual which mean they are time consuming and subject to variability. Verification, if any, often consists of visually opening and inspecting the converted file. Worse yet, the translated file may not really be flavored to match what the recipient needs. CAD Data exchange automation provides a robust CAD processing environment to address these issues. It can be utilized as part of a system for Supplier CAD Data Collaboration or as a behind the scenes batch translation process driven from PLM or other business applications. The results for customers is automated solutions that can reduce more than 80% of wasted labor and resource costs associated with data exchange. By working with CAD Interop to implement automated interoperability solutions, our clients have taken the important business step of allowing Engineers and Designers to create products and services without wasting time on product data interoperability work. This enables CAD Interop's customers to create better products and services and improve the value to their respective markets.
CAD exchange automation

DEXcenter's exchange automation solution is enabled to support processing of hundreds of assorted CAD related applications including but not limited to:

  • CAD system standards translators (IGES, STEP, DXF, Parasolid, ACIS)
  • Direct translators from ITI, other vendors, customer specific applications
  • 2D drawing mapping and flavoring for migration via IGESworks
  • 3D CAD part and assembly repair or defeaturing applications such as CADfix
  • Feature based CAD translation such as Proficiency
  • Verification applications such as CADIQ or other applications
  • Other generalized pre-post processing functionality that requires automation