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Acive-X integration with 3DViewStation

Integrating CAD visualization tools into a PLM system is vital for businesses aiming to boost efficiency and process quality. The KISTERS 3DViewStation ActiveX product is a highly efficient, neutral CAD visualization tool, enabling integration into various PLM, ERP, and other technical data management systems.

Swift and Dependable Visualizations

Moreover, the KISTERS 3DViewStation ActiveX delivers a fast and reliable visualization experience, enabling users to access all necessary information with a single click. Lengthy searches and text filters are rendered obsolete as all data is instantly available via hyperlinks.

Additionally, navigation can be tailored to cater to each user's unique needs. For instance, one can filter or color components based on material or specific supplier sources. This visual customization of results fosters quicker, more effective comprehension of the displayed data, subsequently enhancing process quality and reducing task execution time.

Performance & MultiCAD DMU

The native visualization component of KISTERS 3DViewStation ActiveX can load and assess data from various CAD systems without the need for file conversion. This feature, known as MultiCAD-DMU, allows users to view models from diverse native formats, including Catia V5, Catia V4, NX, Creo Elements - Pro-Engineer, SolidWorks, Inventor, SolidEdge, Parasolid, and neutral formats like STEP, 3D-PDF, and JT.

Loading and analyzing data from diverse CAD systems in a unified space significantly streamlines the visualization process. This enables users to invest more time in model analysis and manipulation rather than converting files or searching for model version data. It also fosters better collaboration across various company departments, as models can be viewed and analyzed without requiring distinct software for each native CAD format.

Role-based PLM Clients Role-based

PLM clients customize information displays according to a user's company role. Using the native visualization component, the KISTERS 3DViewStation ActiveX simplifies this integration by providing personalized views for every user based on their access rights and responsibilities. This ensures faster information access and eliminates potential errors in product identification searches. Furthermore, due to visual result customization, components can be filtered or colored by specific materials or suppliers, streamlining technical data management for every user. The result is an enhancement in process quality and swifter task completions.