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Paris, Wednesday, January 26, 2024 - KISTERS, a leader in CAD visualization solutions, is proud to announce the release of 3DViewStation version 2024.0.438. This latest update introduces a range of new features and enhancements, designed to streamline workflows and improve performance for professionals in various fields, including engineering, design, and project management.

Discover the Innovations in 3DViewStation 2024.0.438:

The functionality enhancements of this version include:

  • Import 3D Capabilities Enhanced: The new version now supports Solid Edge 2024 and Parasolid 36.0, offering more flexibility and compatibility with different CAD formats.

  • Expanded 2D Import Options: Alongside Solid Edge 2024, this release extends its 2D import capabilities to include Solidworks 2024, NX 2306 Series (up to 2306.7000), and CATIA V6 R2024x. This broadens the scope for users working across various platforms.

  • Export 2D Feature: The addition of DXF R32 (AutoCAD 2018) export functionality provides users with more versatility in sharing and utilizing their designs.

  • Enhanced Functions & Features:

    • Improved performance in IFC import.
    • New settings in STL, OBJ, and E57 imports to split huge files, enhancing performance and capacity for larger files.
    • EnhancedJT import now includes an alternative import option for testing purposes.
    • 3DVS export now allows saving resources like skyboxes, backgrounds, materials, and glare effects in a 3DVS file.
    • The 'Section' feature now supports physically cutting geometries and creating new ones at the cutting plane.
    • Added functionality for PMI comparison.
    • PMI now supports multiple colors.
    • Improved application of patterned textures on materials.
    • New mouse setting for the fit-all function and a feature to always show the rotation point.
    • The ability to merge selected faces.
    • 2D rendering now includes an option to toggle anti-aliasing.
    • Introduction of new product icons for Desktop version, WebViewer, VisShare, KAS, and VSLM.
    • WebViewer boasts improved image display quality.
    • KAS can now be installed separately.
    • VSLicenceManager now supports upgrade-switches of license features and has improved license monitoring.
    • XML-API pane is relocated for enhanced accessibility and now includes response output.
    • XML-API also introduces functions to color nodes or faces randomly.

Cut Geometry with 3DViewStation

These additions and improvements in 3DViewStation 2024.0.438 are tailored to meet the diverse needs of CAD professionals, ensuring a more efficient and versatile workflow. Whether you're dealing with complex simulations, large-scale projects, or detailed designs, this version promises to deliver enhanced performance and user experience.

For existing customers with an active maintenance contract, version 2024.0.438 is available for immediate use.

For more detailed information on the new features and improvements, please visit KISTERS's official website.

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