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Paris, Tuesday, February 13, 2024: The CAD Exchanger 3.24.1 update brings several notable improvements and new features. Highlights include the addition of Catia Graphical Representation (.cgr) model import and the import of properties from NX models. The SDK/Eyeshot integration now converts acorn and wireframe bodies to Point and Curve entities, and sheet bodies to Surface entities. The SDK/Web Toolkit introduces abilities such as selecting triangles in triangle sets and polylines in polyline sets, enabling a trihedron on the scene, and fixing various rendering and API issues. Other updates include enhancements in 3D XML, DXF, DWG, Inventor, JT, SolidWorks, and STEP formats, addressing issues like parser crashes, import improvements, and support for PMI annotation properties. The Manufacturing Toolkit 3.24.1 introduces the new Measurements_Distance class and improved algorithms for calculating the thickness of flat patterns. These updates enhance CAD Exchanger's versatility and usability in CAD data interoperability and analysis.

Import of CATIA Graphical Representation

CGR files contain lightweight polygonal representations of 3D models for a quick look. They are optimized for visualization, providing a means to communicate design intent without the need for the entire CATIA model structure.

Import of Catia Graphical Representation in CAD Exchanger

Import of properties from NX

Since this release, CADEX added import of user-defined properties. Working with NX models, users can attach information to various Scene Graph Elements of the model and topological data by type (bodies, faces, edges). Now, our data model supports all the following: booleans, integers, numbers, strings, and dates.

Renaming and rotation examples

Web Toolkit Improvement

The main update is API that enables the display of a trihedron (reference coordinate system) directly within the scene. This feature provides valuable contextual information about the model's positioning and determines exactly where the origin is. Moreover, it is possible to customize the trihedron and change its color, length, thickness, etc.

Customizable clip planes

Eyeshot updates

The conversion process no longer skips acorn and wireframe bodies. Now, they are accurately transformed into Point and Curve entities, respectively. Additionally, sheet bodies are converted to Surface entities rather than B-Rep. Such special cases are converted and included in Eyeshot documents as geometric objects.

Eyeshot updates in CAD Exchanger

CAD Format improvements

As always, we've enhanced MCAD formats with several improvements. This release includes 3D XML, DXF, DWG, JT, SOLIDWORKS, and STEP fixes.
There are some other minor updates in Manufacturing Toolkit and Web Toolkit. For the full list of updates in 3.24.1, check the CHANGES.txt file.

CAD Exchanger stands out with its robust CAD conversion, visualization, and analysis features. Version 3.24.1 is now available, offering users significant improvements for more efficient and reliable CAD data interoperability. Users can download the update from the official CAD Exchanger website.