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Paris, Tuesday, May 14, 2024: We are excited to announce the release of CAD Exchanger version 3.24.3, CADEX-SOFT's CAD conversion and visualization software. This update brings numerous enhancements and new features to optimize your manufacturing processes and improve compatibility with different formats. Discover the new features in this version.

Manufacturing Toolkit: Advanced Tools for Manufacturing

Enhanced Algorithms

The basic algorithms of the Manufacturing Toolkit (MTK) have been enriched with a new class that calculates the projected area of a model. This feature helps you find the optimal position of the model for manufacturing.

CNC Machining

DFM Minimum Wall Thickness Check: Evaluate the manufacturability of your designs by ensuring that the model walls meet minimum thickness requirements. Identify potential weak points early in the development process.

Illustration of CNC machining with CAD Exchanger 3.24.3 showing a CNC machine working on a 3D model

Sheet Metal

  • Improved Unfolding Algorithm: Accurately unfold complex designs with numerous cylindrical faces, thanks to an improved algorithm for models with primarily non-planar faces.
  • Automatic Initial Thickness Recognition: No need to manually specify the initial thickness, our algorithm calculates it automatically for you.

Demonstration of the improved unfolding algorithm for sheet metal in CAD Exchanger 3.24.3


Since version 3.23.3, CAD Exchanger includes feature recognition and design for manufacturing (DFM) functionality for molding.

  • Molding Feature Recognition: Detect features like ribs and bosses, and get a complete list with visual highlights in 3D.
  • DFM Analysis: Identify potential design issues to improve your models.

Illustration of molding feature recognition with CAD Exchanger 3.24.3, showing a DFM analysis

NX 2312 Import: Improved Compatibility

Support for NX 2312 and NX 2306 has been added. With CAD Exchanger 3.24.3, all essential data, including B-Rep and polygonal representations, assembly structures, user-defined properties, graphical PMI, colors, and names, are preserved.

Enhanced DWG Support: Improved Visualization

  • DWG File Import: Now you can import DWG files with custom hatch patterns, enhancing the visual understanding of materials.
  • Arrow Style Analysis: Benefit from clearer communication with precise analysis of arrow styles for annotations and indications in DWG files.

User-Defined Properties for FBX: A More Complete Representation

Since version 3.23.3, you can export user-defined properties in FBX format. This feature allows you to include metadata such as material specifications and design notes, ensuring a more comprehensive representation of your designs.

Subshape Properties in STEP: Increased Precision

Individual Shape Properties: When exporting your models in STEP, all relevant properties associated with each shape, such as faces and edges, are accurately preserved, providing a more faithful representation of your original design.

Format Improvements: Extended Compatibility

  • Formats: CATIA, DWG, DXF, IFC, Inventor, JT, FBX, SLD, SLDE, and STEP.
  • Minor Changes: UNIGINE, Eyeshot, and SDK.

CAD Exchanger version 3.24.3 brings powerful tools and new features to optimize your manufacturing processes and improve format compatibility. Explore these enhancements and discover how they can transform your CAD workflow. For more details, feel free to consult our change log.

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