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Paris, Monday, April 29, 2024 - KISTERS, a leader in CAD visualization solutions, is proud to announce the release of version 2024.2 of 3DViewStation. This update brings innovative features and enhancements that aim to optimize workflows and boost performance for professionals in engineering, design, and project management.

Discover the innovations in 3DViewStation version 2024.2:

New in 3D Import:

  • NX 2312
  • Parasolid 36.1
  • Rhino3D 8

New in 2D Import:

  • CATIA V5-6R2024
  • NX 2312 Series (up to 2312.4000)

Functions and Features:

  • Alternative JT Import: support for non-tessellated PMIs
  • Transformation: move and rotate by increments (except in VR)
  • Section: move and rotate the cutting plane by increments (except in VR), point-to-point (wire) can now be used on the cutting plane
  • Color Tools: randomly color parts or faces, overwrite and reset colors have been moved to color tools
  • VisShare: direct save for non-private projects, new user role: Manager, improvements in data upload

3DViewStation v2024.2 model recolor

The updates in 3DViewStation 2024.2 are designed to meet the diverse needs of CAD professionals, offering a more efficient and flexible workflow. Whether for complex simulations, large-scale projects, or detailed designs, this version is engineered to improve both performance and user experience.

Version 2024.2 is now available for existing customers with an active maintenance contract.

For more details on the new features and improvements, please visit the official KISTERS website.

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