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On Wednesday 25th January 2017 1:00 - 1:30PM Eastern Time, ITI invite you to learn how engineering, IT and supply chain management teams can achieve a measureable ROI by using ITI's DEXcenter solution to protect IP and reduce licensing and labor costs in the MBE data sharing process.

Exchanging data with your supply chain in an MBE environment requires significant changes in both content and processes. Native CAD models are more comprehensive because they include product manufacturing information (PMI). Familiar standards based derivatives (STEP, JT, PDF) have evolved to also be more comprehensive. Because these models and derivatives are used directly for downstream operations, accuracy is critical.

Both native and derivative models are compiled into technical data packages (TDP’s) for exchange with suppliers and partners. The TDP is more comprehensive, which makes its intellectual property (IP) value far greater and requires stronger protection than the simple drawings previously exchanged with suppliers.

This webinar will illustrate how to automate key functions for ensuring secure TDP file exchange within an MBE:

  • Evaluating MBE native models to ensure they can be used downstream
  • Generating and validating the many derivatives needed that include PMI
  • Communicating engineering change orders (ECO’s) in MBD models
  • Collecting all files into a TDP and delivering securely
  • Ensuring IP protection and export control requirements are met

Tune in to discover model-based solutions you can adopt in your organization.