CAD Viewer : SpinFire Ultimate 11.7 General Release

Actify announced the release of SpinFire Ultimate 11.7 containing the latest improvements and updates for CAD visualization:

  • Performance improvements
  • UI Improvements
  • Part Properties Charts
  • Licensing & Activation - Ability to use floating license TIMEOUT and TIMEOUTALL options
  • New Importers and Importer Updates.
  • Importer Options - Random Color Generator import option to ACIS, ProEngineer & Creo Parametric, STEP, and STL files not containing colors.

Notable Changes

  • Part Properties Charts
  • Pick a coordinate system in for sectioning
  • Importers Added
    • Autodesk 3ds Max All Versions
    • Autodesk Revit 2015 to 2019 (3D)
    • COLLADA All Versions
    • FBX ASCII 7100 to 7400 and all binary versions
    • gITF 2.0
    • PDF (2D)
    • Wavefront OBJ All Versions
  • Importer Updates
    • Autodesk AutoCAD 2018 (2D and 3D)
      • Ability to open DWFx files
    • Autodesk Inventor 2019 (3D)
    • CATIA v5 R10 to R29 (V5-6R2019) (2D), Up to V5-6 R2018 (R28) (3D)
    • Catia v6 R2018x (2D and 3D)
    • JT 10.2
    • Parasolid 31.0
    • NX to NX 1847 Series (2D), V11.0 to NX 12.0 (3D)
    • Pro/Engineer & Creo Parametric Creo 5.0 (2D and 3D)
    • Solid Edge 2019 (2D and 3D)
    • SolidWorks 2019 (2D and 3D)

Additional Enhancements

  • Export Options
    • Option to set permissions in 3D PDF export
  • Licensing & Activation
    • Ability to use floating license TIMEOUT and TIMEOUTALL options
    • Remove detection and usage of existing SF10 license
    • Display Floating License Server status in a dedicated window instead of a message box
    • Prompt user for proxy credentials when registering and Proxy Authentication is Required
    • Ability to Copy or Export License Server Status
  • Importer Options
    • Add Random Colors import option for STL, ProE, ACIS and STEP files
    • Add Smooth option for TIFF
    • Add Assemblies Group in importer options
    • Override PMI Color should be enabled by default
    • Import wireframes option for Rhino files
    • Construction Entities import option
    • Rhino Rendered Mode Colors import option
    • Line Thickness and Black and White options for PDF
    • AutoCAD Model Layout to Paper Space View
  • Installation
    • Add \ProgramData folder and permissions during installation if the folder is missing
  • Measurements
    • Use B-rep for Minimum Distance Between Two Surfaces measurement
  • Settings
    • Add Front Rendered PMI to 3D Viewer Options
  • UI
    • Ability to customize viewer layout
    • Ability to dock the Shortcut Toolbar
    • Replace Event Log with Errors/Warnings and Output main menu items
    • Rotate model around corresponding screen axis when scrolling the mouse and Alt or Ctrl or Shift key is pressed
    • Display ACT3D file thumbnails in Windows Explorer
    • Close All added to File menu to close all open work spaces.

Minor Changes

  • Tables now appear with alternative row colors
  • Ability to select None, From View, or All for Annotations and Markups on Print Preview
  • Floating License usage columns have changed
  • ProgramData\Actify folder automatically added if it does not already exist on installation
  • Improved error message when attempting to open an invalid file in the template editor
  • User ability to change the layout in the template editor
  • Save the selected file type in the conversion dialog
  • ESC cancels moving an item in the assembly tree
  • Override PMI Color is enabled by default
  • Arc measurements have Draw Arc enabled by default
  • Errors / Warnings and Output moved to the View menu

Note: Due to issues with the assembly tree, dragging and dropping to move parts and sub assemblies is disabled for 11.7.0. This will be enabled in a future version.

Upgrading to 11.7

To upgrade SpinFire Ultimate to 11.7, launch and run the SpinFire.x64.msi (or the SpinFire.x64.exe) and follow the installation wizard instructions.