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May 19, 2022 – ITI announces the release of CADIQ 15, the latest version of our flagship CAD model quality and validation software provides several powerful enhancements that build upon the already powerful MBD model validation capabilities, improve user productivity, and expand the scope of CAD model formats and features supported. CADIQ 13 includes hundreds of bug fixes and security-related updates.

CADIQ compares CAD models of various formats to identify geometric shape, quality, annotation and PMI saved view differences introduced by engineering changes, translation or manual remodeling. It highlights shape differences in form, mass properties, surface geometry and topology. Quality defects that impede analysis, manufacturing or data exchange processes are clearly identified with no extraneous information. CADIQ analysis uses the native programming interface of each CAD system to maximize accuracy and robustness. Excel statistics are automatically generated to support process quality control. All functionality is available in a command line interface for integration into PLM systems.

The following improvements to the comprehensive validation of CAD geometry and PMI can be found in CADIQ 15 :

    • Functionality
      • Enhanced 3D PDF (PRC) interface to support assembly pmi associated to instance faces in all instances of owning part
      • Enhanced STEP interface to support Geometric Tolerance and Dimension semantic text
      • Enhanced WebGL Viewer to save Dispositioning file with same filename used by Desktop Viewer, Controller and Reports
      • Enhanced WebGL Viewer Dispositioning panel to support drag and drop
      • Enhanced WebGL Viewer to support Filter Diagnostics by Volume
      • Enhanced WebGL Viewer to support visualization of assembly section views
      • Enhanced Viewer to add Level folders to Filter Markers by Volume Search Results
    • Usability
      • New annotation semantic defect diagnostic: 'Inconsistent Finish Notes', 'Invalid Term', 'Archived Notes', 'Non-Standard Notes'
      • New annotation graphic defect diagnostic: 'Missing Saved View Name'
      • New structure defect diagnostic: 'Unreferenced Model Property', 'Out of Date Template Version'Renamed structure defect diagnostics: 'Undefined Root Node Model Tree Property' to 'Undefined Model Property' and 'Incorrect Root Node Model Tree Property' to 'Incorrect Model Property'
    • System Compatibility / Support
      • Added support for CATIA V5-6R2022
      • Added support for NX 2007
      • Upgraded Parasolid interface to Parasolid 34.1
      • Upgraded ACIS interface to ACIS InterOp R32
      • Upgraded JT interface to JT Toolkit v11.1.1.0
      • Upgraded 3D PDF (PRC) interface to HOOPS Publish/Exchange 2022
      • Upgraded to FlexNet 11.18.2 for enhanced security
      • Upgraded WebGL Viewer to Node.js 16.15.0 LTS for enhanced security
      • Discontinued support for NX 1847
      • Discontinued support for CATIA V5-6R2018
      • Discontinued support for Creo 4
      • Discontinued support for Creo 5
      • Bug fixes

CADIQ 15 also includes many other enhancements to its supported CAD interfaces including: CATIA V4 and V5, NX, Creo, Inventor, Solid Edge, SOLIDWORKS, Parasolid, ACIS, IGES, STEP, JT, QIF, 3D PDF (PRC and U3D).

CADIQ 15 is immediately available for customer under maintenance.