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Paris, Thusday April 6, 2023 - CADEX has announced the release of the new version 3.18 of CAD Exchanger, its CAD visualization and conversion solution. This release introduces several exciting features, including with extended set format versions, SDK and Web Toolkit upgrades, CAD Exchanger Lab enhancements, and B-Rep simplifier improvements. With this new version, engineers and designers can easily import, visualize and analyze their CAD models. This release and all enhancements demonstrate CADEX's continued commitment to providing regular updates to meet evolving CAD interoperability needs.

Highlights New features in CAD Exchanger 3.18

  • Expanded the set of supported format versions: CATIA V5R32 and V5R33, Creo 8 and 9.
  • Added progress bar for loading a new representation.
  • Added ability to finish creating a polygonal representation that was created with some of the components hidden. Check the hidden components to simultaneously mesh and display them.
  • Fixed Explode behavior for previously hidden objects when changing the B-Rep display quality.
  • Anti-aliasing is now enabled and viewcube disabled in the export to image.
  • Manipulator style was changed to be semi transparent during active rotation.
  • Fixed visibility of arrow button for parts in structure view after tree view was expanded while loading a model.
  • Fixed wrong behavior of colors during opacity changes in "Properties" for B-Rep bodies.
  • Fixed wrong behavior of opacity slider from "Properties" when using the slider to change assembly transparency.
  • Fixed Explode tool causing a short freeze on big models upon first use.
  • Fixed freeze on big models when clicking "Show only" in context menu.
  • Fixed sudden collapse of PMI structure elements when their visibility state is changed.
  • Fixed wrong triangle count in "Representations" panel for user-added polygonal representations.
  • Fixed visibility of PMI elements when you enable them from PMI tree, avoiding selection of saved view.

Upgraded manipulator UI, modified screenshot rendering and bug fixes in CAD Exchanger Lab

CAD Exchanger 3.18 Antialiasing

Anti-aliasing is now enabled, and the view cube is disabled during the screenshot generation. The manipulator style was changed to be semi-transparent during active rotation. Moreover, we fixed wrong behavior of colors during opacity changes in "Properties" for B-Rep bodies, as well as the opacity slider when using it to change assembly transparency.

CAD Exchanger SDK enhancements : Expanded API of semantic PMI

CAD Exchanger 3.18 PMI

CAD Exchanger SDK has a new surface finish component that contains data related to surface texture, and now users can programmatically read this entity and reuse it in downstream applications.

B-Rep simplifier upgrade

 CAD Exchanger 3.18 Simplifier

Customers of CAD Exchanger SDK noticed that the name of the tool Hole remover does not quite match its functionality. Our developers have changed the parameters, and now this tool fully removes holes in the geometry, relying on four parameters: Extent, Volume, Diagonal Thresholds, and Perform Interference Check.

Web Toolkit Updates

We have added dashed line properties support and improved multi-touch gestures handling. From now on, Web Toolkit on mobile allows you to rotate the model with up to four fingers, select touch points, and zoom smoothly. Speaking of it, the camera handler now allows users to zoom at pointer position (to the point of interest). 

New supported format versions: CATIA V5R32, V5R33 and Creo 8, 9

CAD Exchanger 3.18 Import

Now CAD Exchanger can read geometry from CATIA V5R32 and V5R33, including parts and assembly files. From 3.18.0, CAD Exchanger supports Creo 8 and 9 and offers conversion to numerous CAD formats.

There are also some important changes in Collada, glTF, and Parasolid with a focus on improving compatibility and stability. For more details on new features and bug fixes, refer to this page.

CAD Exchanger is an easy to use and inexpensive CAD solution for viewing and converting 3D models. It will allow you to read the main CAD formats like Catia, NX, Creo and save them in another format like STEP, JT or others. This new version of the product is immediately available to all maintenance customers wishing to update CAD Exchanger to version 3.18.

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