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Paris, Wednesday May 17, 2023 - International TechneGroup Incorporated (ITI) proudly announces the release of CADfix 13, the latest installment of the widely acclaimed CADfix series. This groundbreaking software tool set delivers a comprehensive range of solutions that enhance the functionality of CAD, CAM, and CAE applications across industries. The key capabilities of CADfix include the import and export of data from various formats, the conversion, repair, and simplification of CAD models, and a host of improvements and new features.

CADfix DX 13: An Overview

CADfix 13 is designed with the user in mind. The software introduces a host of new tools and functionalities, including:

  • Import/Export: CADfix 13 now supports the latest CAD versions, providing a vastly improved STL export and a new CAE mesh export (tri/quad/tet).

  • Assemblies: CADfix 13 introduces a new compression fix to remove duplicates and offers smarter autobuild from existing duplicated bodies.

  • Model Tree/Assembly Tree/Probe: The new Slide-in panels make access easier.

  • Wizard tool: CADfix 13 presents a range of new tools including the Extrude simplification tool, the Split overlapping bodies tool, and the medial thickness tool (preview).

  • Diagnostics: CADfix 13 offers a new fix for nonmanifold shells.

  • Tolerances: Users now have new controls over modelling tolerances.

  • Defeature: CADfix 13 offers a range of new tools for splitting complex bodies, simplifying to primitives, extrusions, and removing logos and lettering.

  • Morph: CADfix 13 now supports morphing when virtual topology is present.

  • Split: The planar body splitter has been upgraded.

  • 3D Thickness tool: A new medial thickness computation tool is now available (preview).

  • GUI: The responsiveness of the GUI has been improved, especially during busy periods and interrupts.

  • Platforms: CADfix 13 supports both Windows 10 & 11 and Linux RHEL8.

This new version of CADfix builds upon the strong foundation of CADfix 12 and its service packs, incorporating their best features and introducing significant improvements and innovative tools.

Detailed Innovations in CADfix 13

Improved STL Export

CADfix 13 revolutionizes the STL export process with the introduction of automatic CAD defeaturing, a regular structured style, and custom sizing recipes. These features dramatically improve the quality of the STL export and provide more flexibility and control to the user.

New CAE Mesh Export

The new CAE Mesh export in CADfix 13 offers robust automatic Tri/Quad/Tet meshing. With smart geometry-based sizing, auto proximity refinement, and custom recipes for applying user-defined sizing rules, this feature provides an unparalleled level of control and flexibility to the user.


CADfix 13 introduces new assembly compression to detect duplicated parts and convert them to subassemblies of instances. This feature, coupled with a better auto build from repeated bodies and faster display and updating of large assembly trees, significantly improves the handling of assemblies.

Model Tree

The Model Tree in CADfix 13 features new Slide-in panels for quicker access, making the tree accessible even when using other tools.

Wizard Tool

The Wizard tool in CADfix 13 comes packed with new Transform tools for batch automation. These include tools for simplifying bodies to extrusions, splitting overlapping bodies, generating 3D medial thickness maps, and removing logos and lettering.

New Tolerance Controls

CADfix 13 offers user control over its modelling tolerances. This feature allows for better processing of very large

or very small models and locks tolerance and many tool defaults to a fixed value.


CADfix 13 presents a range of new tools to defeature complex bodies. These include tools to deconstruct bodies, simplify bodies to extrusions, remove logos and lettering, and improved internal detail and hole removal.


The Morph tool in CADfix 13 now automatically detects and copes with any unaligned mesh (virtual topology, VT), removing a key limitation in the use of Morph.

3D Thickness

The new 3D Thickness Tool in CADfix 13 computes 3D medial thickness fields for complex bodies, assemblies, or facet models (3D scans/STL). This tool can be used for a range of applications, including casting validation, AM validation, medical scan analysis, collision detection, and gap analysis.

In conclusion, CADfix 13 presents a comprehensive solution for CAD model optimization. Its innovative features and improved functionality make it a must-have tool for engineers across industries. Stay ahead of the curve with CADfix 13, the ultimate tool for all your CAD needs.

This new version of the product is immediately available for all customers under maintenance wishing to update CADfix to version 12.

For more details on the CADfix CAD repair and CAD simplification solution, please refer to this page 

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