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Paris, Wednesday, October 18, 2023  - KISTERS has unveiled version v2023.6 of 3DViewStation, enriching its CAD visualization platform with new features and enhancements. This release focuses on improving 3D and 2D import capabilities, as well as introducing new functionalities like curvature analysis. 3DViewStation is available in Desktop, WebViewer/VisShare, Conversion Server (KAS), and VR for Virtual Reality versions.

New Features in 3DViewStation v2023.6:

  • 3D Import
    • NX 2306
    • JT up to 10.9
  • 2D Import
    • NX 2306 Series (up to 2306.4000)
  • Functionalities
    • Curvature Analysis: New feature to analyze surfaces
    • KAS Monitor: New tool for conversion through directory monitoring - option for KAS
    • PLMXML Import: Option to load 3DVS instead of referenced JTs
    • 2D: Option to rotate the page using the mouse wheel
    • 2D: Option to maintain position when changing pages

Focus on Advanced Analysis Features with Heatmap Presentation in Video

The latest release of 3DViewStation 2023.6 brings significant improvements in the presentation of analyses and adds a curvature analysis feature. The software now offers an expanded range of heatmap presets with various colors and shades for different applications. These presets are modifiable in real-time, providing high flexibility. For example, the wall thickness analysis tool uses a color palette ranging from red to violet and allows various post-calculation manipulations, such as color inversion or value range adjustment. The major novelty lies in the ability to work with multiple parts that have different color maps. As for curvature analysis, three different strategies are available: Gaussian, Mean, and Maximum. These options provide more flexibility to tailor the analysis to different needs, like toolpaths. In summary, this update provides more versatile and customizable tools for more accurate analyses.

This update strengthens the versatility of 3DViewStation for varied use-cases, from sales and marketing to change management, work preparation, and virtual reality. Version v2023.6 is immediately available to all customers with an active maintenance contract.

For more information on new features and bug fixes, please refer to this page.

Evaluation request for 3DViewStation Desktop/WebViewer

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