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Let's go through the ins and outs of CAD Exchanger Lab licensing options: fixed and floating license based on number of users, perpetual license or subscription according to project duration.

We are already enthusiastic about the idea of counting you among our customers. But don't rush, and let's first try to determine together the option best suited to your needs. In terms of functionality, no surprise, we have chosen to keep it simple. So all the features and all the CAD formats supported by CAD Exchanger GUI are available regardless of the option chosen.

We offer individual (fixed) and mutual (floating) user licenses available with a subscription (12 month rental, maintenance included) or purchase (perpetual license with annual maintenance).

We will describe the four licensing models below.

What is the size of your team?

Few users = Node-lock (NL)

For personal use or for a small business with less than five users, Node-lock licenses are the best option. Node-lock licenses are linked to a computer via its MAC address. In other words, one user on one PC = one serial number. This option is also relevant if the computer on which CAD Exchanger will be used must be moved often to different sites, has no Internet access, or is blocked by a firewall from accessing a license server.

One team = floating license

From 3 to 5 users, you can consider the purchase of floating licenses, Depending on the daily time of use of the software, we recommend a license for 2 to 4 users. A floating license is attached to the license server via its MAC address and allows the software to be used on any PC on your network. To activate the application, the system administrator must install a license server (LM-X) that manages license tokens. The simultaneous use of the software by several users is limited by the number of available tokens. Once the token quota has been reached, one of the users using a license must close the program and thus release the license to allow another user to run the software.

This type of license is only available on Windows and running a license server is only possible on physical machines (no virtual machine).

How long will you be using CAD Exchanger?

Node-lock and floating licenses can be rented either as an annual subscription or purchased as a perpetual license with maintenance. The choice depends on the duration of the project for which CAD Exchanger is used: the subscription is suitable for projects under two or three years, while the perpetual license is more profitable for longer projects.

For short projects — Annual subscription

The rental is for a minimum of 12 months and can be renewed each year. It includes all updates (usually once per quarter) and support during the subscription period. You can either renew your subscription, or stop it and resume it later for 12 additional months when your project requires it. When you stop renting, you can no longer use the software.

If you are working on a short project, or involving CAD data exchanges over a short period of the project, or if you are limited in your budget, a license subscription is a wise choice.

For long projects — Perpetual license

When you purchase a perpetual license, the license belongs to you indefinitely. Our prices include maintenance allowing you to benefit from updates and support for 12 months. At the end of this period, you choose whether or not to renew this maintenance corresponding to approximately 25% of the price of the software. We always recommend renewing maintenance to ensure software compatibility with the latest versions of CAD systems released every year. Without maintenance renewal, your software will quickly become obsolete. Maintenance contains updates, bug fixes, new features, technical support and also the ability to migrate the license to another machine.

Perpetual licenses will suit those who need to convert or view CAD data regularly. The tipping point between leasing or purchasing a license is between 3 and 4 years.

Cumulative cost per year CAD Exchanger

Evaluation request for CAD Exchanger

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