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Corporate product data is your most valuable asset yet frequently it is put at risk via unsecure email and ftp exchanges. DEXcenter provides a secure, web environment for managed exchange of sensitive proprietary data. Data exchanged through DEXcenter is encrypted while in transit across the internet to prevent interception by others. Additionally records of every exchange are maintained to validate what each partner was sent, when it was sent, and when they received it. Since DEXcenter is a web solution, it is extremely easy to learn and use.


  • Installation : Since DEXcenter is installed in your network, it utilizes security mechanisms you already have in place.
  • Architecture : JEE 4 tier architecture separates data and application components to minimize unauthorized access risks.
  • Database Support : Industry standard JBOSS application server combined with Oracle, MySQL, or SQLserver database support.
  • SSL Encryption : SSL encryption for transmission (https or sftp).
  • Firewall Compatibility : The modular architecture is compatible with firewalls.
  • File Storage : Files reside safely in your network until retrieved by recipient or alternately can be delivered directly to a partner's SFTP site.
  • Access Control : Access is controlled by requiring a unique username and password authenticated through LDAP, SSO, or DEXcenter's built-in authentication method.
  • Password Policies : DEXcenter internal authentication includes password policies such as password strength, re-use, and expiration.
  • User Data Access : Users can access only their own data and information.
  • Supplier Isolation : Suppliers have no knowledge of other suppliers.


  • Session Organization : Exchanges are organized into Sessions.
  • Session Access : Each Session is accessible only by the individuals to whom it was sent.
  • Auditing and Reporting : Each transaction is logged in a database to support auditing and verification. A built-in Report Generation function allows easy generation of usage and auditing reports.
  • Data Retention : Automatic PURGE functions delete sessions of a specified age.
  • User Profiles : User profiles maintain critical information to allow easy and consistent use.
    • Data Preferences : The type of data preferred to be received.
    • Recipient Limitation : Limit exchange to only specified recipients.
    • Data Provisioning : Which data to provide to recipients.
    • Transmission Methods : Transmission methods.
    • Translation Processing : Translation processing methods.
    • Compliance : Ensures ITAR and EAR Export Regulation Compliance.
  • Intellectual Property : Protects Intellectual Property by ensuring appropriate confidentiality agreements are effective, and approval processes are incorporated to release data.

If you are interested in the DEXcenter solution or if you would like additional information on the product, we invite you to complete the information request form.


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