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DEXcenter offers a powerful CAD processing ecosystem. Used either as a standalone via the Global Collaboration Portal or integrated with PLM and other business apps, it delivers secure managed file transfer and translation. The upshot? Over 80% reduction in wasted labor and resource costs, ensuring rapid data delivery to partners.

DEXcenter Quality Driven Automation

Why Choose DEXcenter's Automated Data Exchange?

Here are compelling reasons to consider the DEXcenter's automated data exchange environment:

  • Process Automation : Speeds up typical multi-step translation and transmission tasks for enhanced efficiency and accuracy.
  • Quality Assurance : Automated validation ensures high translation quality.
  • Supplier Management : Automates supplier translation and delivery requirements.
  • One-Click Translation : Reduces complex translations to a simple button press.
  • Secure Delivery : Features automated, secure data transfer.
  • Consistency : Guarantees reliable and consistent performance.
  • Best Practices : Incorporates industry-leading methods for high-quality translations.
  • Ready-to-Use Processes : Comes bundled with hundreds of pre-defined CAD processes and workflows.
  • Modularity : Modular architecture allows easy extensions for new tasks and workflows.
  • Dynamic Workflows : Enables use of multiple translators and translation options in a single session.
  • License Management : Maximizes the utility of expensive CAD licenses.
  • Load Balancing : Allows multiple processes to run concurrently, maximizing computing resources and scalability.

DEXcenter presents an unparalleled solution for automated CAD data exchange, minimizing wasted resources and expediting data delivery. CAD Interop offers the ideal solutions for your specific needs, including DEXcenter, to address the challenges discussed. If you are interested in the DEXcenter solution or if you would like additional information on the product, we invite you to complete the information request form.

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