DEXcenter's Smart Process Automation Engine

DEXcenter provides a robust CAD processing environment that can be utilized with the Global Collaboration Portal as a complete standalone solution or the Process Automation Engine can be integrated with PLM or other business applications to provide translation and/or secure managed file transfer. The result for customers is an automated solution that reduces more than 80% of wasted labor and resource costs associated with data exchange, delivering critical data to partners faster.

DEXcenter Quality Driven Automation

Benefits of DEXcenter's automated data exchange environment include:

  • Automation of typical multi-step translation and transmission processes for speed, efficiency and accuracy
  • Automated translation validation to ensure translation quality
  • Automatic management of supplier translation and delivery requirements
  • Reducing translations (including recipient unique flavoring) to the "Push of a Button"
  • Automatic secure delivery
  • Ensures consistency and reliability
  • Incorporates "Best Practices" to provide high quality translations
  • Delivered with hundreds of predefined CAD related processes and workflows
  • Modular architecture supports easy extension for new processing tasks and workflows
  • Dynamic translation workflows enable use of different translators and/or translation options automatically in a single processing session
  • CAD license management maximizes use of expensive CAD licenses
  • Dynamic load balancing allows multiple concurrent processes to maximize computing resources and provide scalability for growth as demand increases