Best Practices Experience in CAD Translation

Getting high quality translations consistently is more than simply using a different translator. There are dozens of variables, some large, some small, that affect whether a translated model is usable or requires additional rework. CAD interop's knowledge in translation automation incorporates the decades of experience in this field.

CAD Interop is in the business of helping customers support the needs of many different exchange automation requirements within a client's environment. This requires adjusting processes to match their needs which is accomplished as follows:
  • Execution of each automated task is controlled by unique flavoring parameters
  • The data exchange framework is shipped with hundreds of pre-configured flavors but additional flavors can be added and configured as needed in minutes
  • Individual processing workflows can be enabled to meet the unique needs of each collaboration partner. This is especially applicable for Supplier CAD Data Collaboration exchange needs
  • An open architecture supports the addition of unique processing tasks to augment those delivered as standard