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Feature Exchange Automation with Proficiency

Dive into a transformative experience that redefines how we perceive the exchange of 3D models and their associated plans between CAD software. Unlock the gateway to automating an impressive 95% of parameterized functions within a model. As for the remaining 5%, discover the solutions that ensure a fully functional model.

Substitute Functions and Remastering

When a conversion failure occurs, Proficiency offers two mechanisms to handle missing or invalid parameterized functions:

  1. Substitute Function: Introduce a Non-Parametric feature as a substitute for the failed function, thus retaining its local geometric shape.
  2. Remastering Information: Provide guidelines to enable manual recreation of the failed parameterized function by the designer.

This gives designers the flexibility to either retain the non-parametric feature or manually tweak the model to find an alternative functional creation.

Completion Wizard™: Your Remastering Assistant

To assist the designer in this undertaking, Proficiency introduces an innovative tool called Completion Wizard™. This tool expedites the interactive remastering process for the remaining 5%, relying on the remastering information generated during the automated process. Key features of the Completion Wizard™ include:

  • Easy Navigation: Facilitates movement between each failed function.
  • Automatic Link Reconstruction: Re-establishes connections between parameterized functions.
  • Automatic Validation: Validates modified functions by geometric comparison with the original function.

In sum, Proficiency eases the complexities of 3D model and CAD data exchange. Thanks to its automatic parameterized conversion process and the remastering tool, Completion Wizard™, it significantly reduces processing time, errors, and compatibility issues. No matter the conversion success rate, Proficiency ensures a 100% usable model that is true to its original geometry and provides tools for interactive touch-ups when needed.